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Yasir Khan

How SEO is Changing Due to the Impact of Social Media on Search Rankings


The aim of an SEO company is to devise strategies and techniques that enhance the search ranking of websites. Earlier, SEO strategies were based on certain search algorithms. However now (in 2013 and beyond) SEO is changing due to a number of factors including the increased impact of social media on search rankings.

There is no doubt that social signals do impact search rankings. And exactly how this is affecting SEO is what we shall try to understand in this post.

Changes in SEO due to Social Media Impact on Search Rankings


  1. Content that is Socially Recommended Ranks High

Content that is shared widely in social media sites and garners high number of social recommendations (such as Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, Google+1s etc) ranks higher. What is implied here is that you need to create high quality relevant share worthy content. No one will share substandard content with friends.

How this Changes SEO

The days of article spinning are long over. It is necessary to invest time in research and produce content that adds value to the reader so that they will be shared on social media and give social signals to bump up the rankings.

  1. Social Media can Help Create Natural Organic Back Links that Boost Rankings

When high quality content is shared on social media, it is likely that someone may link back to it, creating a natural organic back link, which has high SEO value. Greater the social sharing, higher the chances of receiving such back links.

How this Changes SEO

Earlier SEO strategies which included buying links and participating in link exchange programs are clearly passé. Google has always been saying that quality of links is more important than quantity and the Penguin update actually penalizes websites with spammy link profiles. The correct SEO strategy now would be to ensure enhanced social sharing to build more natural links and increase the search rankings.

  1. Content Shared Socially by High Authority Websites or Niche Influencers Ranks Higher

When your content is retweeted by an influencer in your niche, it is considered a positive social signal by search engines, resulting in increase in the search rankings. This only occurs when your content is truly share worthy and you have established a relationship with influencers on social media.

How this Changes SEO

Well, SEO is now not restricted to only keyword optimization and link building. SEO in 2013 and beyond must incorporate social media as part of itself. A detailed social media strategy that includes commenting on others’ posts, sharing others’ posts, interacting with peers and influencers on social media must become an integral part of the SEO strategy to establish relationships. Only then influencers will socially share your content, providing social signals for enhancing rankings.

Now do these changes make SEO simpler or more difficult? What do you feel?

And these are not the only changes. Click here for the top SEO predictions for 2013.

This post has been written by senior SEO strategist and consultant Yasir Khan.  Yasir’s SEO company Quantum SEO Labs offers a range of comprehensive SEO services for clients across the world.

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