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How You Can Select the Domain for Your Startup

Few start-up founders understand how critical the task of choosing a domain name is. Some start-ups have domain names that are long, ambiguous and difficult to pronounce while others have catchy, short and precise names. The type of domain name you choose for your firm will influence the long-term impact of your online identity and client engagement. It’s possible to ...

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31 Entrepreneurs Explain The First Thing You Need When Starting a Business

It is easy to look back and say “I wish I could do that differently.” Entrepreneurs and business owners look back at the start of their business and know the reasons that they were able to start a successful business. It may have been a business plan, financing or a pep talk from a mentor.  Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneurs and business ...

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Everything CEOs Need To Know About Accessorial Fees 

Smart business leaders are always looking for ways to save money, and freight management is an important part of controlling supply chain costs. Yet freight management is a complex topic, with many unexpected or hidden fees that can add up to a substantial sum each month. Many of these fees fall into the category of accessorials. What Are Accessorial Fees? ...

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How to Give Gifts that Clients Will Remember

The art of gift giving goes beyond your staff and company associates. It has to reach your clients too. Companies have their own gift giving policies, meaning that you have to be well-informed before offering anything. The wrong gift sent at the wrong time can more harm than good to your bottom line. But if you do it right, your ...

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You Need To Know – 5 Ways Augmented Reality Is Reshaping Digital Marketing

Imagine what will happen when science fiction comes to life. From smart glasses, helmets to apps, products of Augmented Reality (AR) are starting to reshape the landscape of customer experience. The recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a spectacular expo of AR products. These products will dominate digital marketing for years to come. Augmented Reality and Virtual ...

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5 Ways Automation Will Forever Change How We Do Business

Fintech isn’t a trend, and now more than ever, businesses are starting to believe it. Governmental regulatory bodies like The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency granting Fintech a special charter to dodge regulatory barriers could fundamentally change everything about the future of finance. While many welcome this change with open arms, others fear the pace of adoption in an industry ...

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Common Mistakes Companies Make That Lead to Legal Trouble

With the Department of Labor constantly updating and changing its regulations, it creates an environment for businesses to regularly break the law without intent. However, ignorance is not a defense that will hold up in court. The best way to defend your business from unwanted legal trouble is to remain abreast of ongoing changes, and to hold your company to ...

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Here are Important Cyber Security Concerns You Need to Know for Mobile App Development

There are tens of millions of mobile applications that are currently there both on iOS and Google Play Stores and users are accessing those apps on a greater note. But the downside of this is that there are an equal number of eavesdroppers who are ready to attack, breach security systems, and stole the valuable enterprise’s data with their virus ...

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Good Hands: How to Better Protect Client Information

Consumers often take it for granted that their information is more secure with a larger enterprise than a small business. In most cases, the processes and technology used are largely the same, assuming client data is a priority. Since big business is likely a better payoff, it’s actually a more favored target for hackers. A single data breach can drive ...

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How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Business owners work hard to create a marketing plan that can bring in clients to their small business. The next phase on how owners can keep customers coming back. There are some businesses that have patterns when it comes to purchasing their goods and services. Beauty parlors, payroll services, and office cleaning services usually can predict when clients will come ...

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