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18 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Maximize Time Running Their Business

Productivity and time management are essential factors for any business. At times, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with little tasks that take up so much of our time and productivity. However, we all have a way of working out the situation to achieve maximum productivity. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners how they maximise time running their business. #1- Using Teamwork ...

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Website Optimization Tips for WordPress Sites

WordPress is perhaps the top blogging software being used these days. It creates stylish and functional blogs with a classic appearance, such as Thewritemyessay.com. If you’ve gotten into the blog game with a WordPress blog, you’ll want to optimize that blog so that people will find it attractive as well as simply find it often (i.e.in internet searches and so ...

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Don’t Call Them Benefits: The New Sales Enablement Landscape

When you think of sales enablement, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It could be CRM and how it’s supporting your people. Or you might think about training, collateral and other tangibles that support the customer sales journey. But as the selling landscape continues to evolve, sales enablement encompasses far more, including elements you may have once ...

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The Right Way to End a Meeting

How you start a meeting is critical to engagement, and how you end is just as important. The check-out is similar to check-in in that it’s a time to assess where everyone is mentally. The goal is twofold: first, to make sure people don’t walk out of the room feeling unsettled, wanting to say something but never feeling like they ...

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How can Chatbots improve Your Sales Productivity?

Powered by perpetual advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots are transforming the way enterprises work both internally and externally. They are no more a simple tool performing odd jobs but are becoming a vital ingredient of brand marketing and customer service strategy. According to various reports, more than 80% of businesses are expected to invest in bots by 2020. Moreover, ...

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Knowledge-Based Economy: Business Opportunities for Seniors

According to recent statistics, prospects for Americans hoping to enjoy a leisurely and rewarding retirement are bleak. One in three have no retirement savings, the outcome of mounting student loan bills, credit card debt, the high cost of college tuition, underemployment, the lingering effects of the recession and other economic factors. Millenials and members of Gen X have saved nearly ...

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Basic Principles of Avoiding Legal Conflicts with Employees

Conflicts and misunderstandings between an employer and an employee are inevitable. Even the most committed employer who follows the guidelines of employment laws still runs the danger of having a lawsuit filed against him by a disgruntled employee. A case that is related to employment law can be expensive and time-consuming. It can severely damage your company’s reputation and morale. ...

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22 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Blogging For Business

The Blogosphere is here and it is not going anywhere. It’s not just for people talking about what they’re eating for lunch or their next celebrity crush. Blogging is big business for entrepreneurs and business owners. CEO Blog Nation recently launched a blogging community and we regularly blog for entrepreneurs and business owners and there are numerous reasons to blog. Rescue a ...

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Why All of Today’s Best Business Leaders Should Give a Damn (about the world)

Social enterprise isn’t just a business option. It’s becoming the only option.   That statement shouldn’t make you nervous — in fact, quite the opposite. If you’re just getting acquainted with social enterprise, welcome! This is a particularly exciting time for business-minded people who also care about doing some good. Why? Because more and more each year, consumers only want ...

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6 Basic Principles of PR in a Crisis Situation

Sometimes there are situations when negative information about the company goes out of control and threatens the business. This may be true, as in the case of battery fires in laptops of well-known manufacturers or falsification, like “syringe panic” around Pepsi in 1993. Each crisis is individual, but there are several general principles that will help to get out of ...

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