5 Tips from a 92-Year-Old Startup Founder

  As one of the founders of a startup software company, I’ve learned a lot. But to be quite honest, I had quite a bit of experience before Workzone started in 2002. I had semi-retired when given the opportunity to be on the forefront of project management and its software solution was too much to pass up. So my new ...

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20 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Toughest Business Lessons Learned

The start and ongoing of a business can be rewarding and exhausting at the same time. Running a business successfully encompasses learning from mistakes that happen along the way which in the end, helps your business to be more strategic and to get back on track. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners about the tough lessons they have learned . ...

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Defuzzifying Dangerous Silicon Valley Company Cultures 

Google’s recent events have called into question its company culture, and the cultures of others in Silicon Valley. The questions swirling around the company culture will continue long after the current situation is resolved. With that news and other high-profile company cultures in the spotlight, it’s strange that no one is talking about the roots of company cultures. What is ...

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11 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Biggest Business Hurdles

Starting a business can be difficult. Even with an exceptional business plan and the necessary capital you would need, it is sometimes difficult to create a strong and sustaining business. We asked a few entrepreneurs and business owners what their biggest hurdle was when starting their business. #1- Bootstrapping When I bought my company, I bootstrapped the entire purchase. I ...

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Protecting Your Employees: 5 Safety Tips for Business Offices

Keeping your employees safe from harm should be a priority in any business. You could be held liable for any harm that comes to an employee if you don’t have proper safety procedures in place in the office. Emergency Exit Procedures One of the best ways to avoid an emergency is to have procedures in place. An exit procedure plan ...

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Start-Up Success: 3 Monumental Tips For The First Few Months

Introducing a new startup company to the business world can seem like a daunting task. There is a lot to consider, and it always seems like you must do more to keep on schedule. To make matters worse, you may not have a large staff to help you get all the things you need to do done in a timely ...

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20 Entrepreneurs Explain the Best Traits of a Successful Leader

To be successful as a leader requires a combination of skills and traits to make you outstanding. While there are several challenges that surround leadership positions, some leaders still manage to exhibit traits that best describes them to be successful.  On the same note, we asked entrepreneurs and business owners about the best traits of a successful leader. #1- Four ...

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Why is Good Designing Crucial for Successful Social Media Campaigns?

Social media is ubiquitous, and no one is not affected by its impact. The presence of social media has brought behavioral changes in the people and given rise to demands for new products and services that were not existent.  Owing to its reach and penetration, social media is being extensively used by businesses to promote their products and services. This ...

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5 Tips for CEOs to Boost Productivity at Work

Employee burn out is seen all too often in workplaces of all industries. Between kids, spouses, and extra-curricular activities in addition to their work, employees can easily find themselves feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Even as a CEO, sometimes it can be easy to lose the daily drive to get things done. But, as the CEO, you help set the morale ...

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on The Next Big Thing in Social Media

Business owners should know that social media is extremely important. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, text messages or direct mail, entrepreneurs and business owners should know it’s not just about building it and hoping they come, it’s about building it and telling everyone that you can that it’s there. Just as business as usual is no longer business as usual, marketing ...

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