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How to Perform a Web Content Audit

You only have one chance to make a strong first impression—and for businesses, most first impressions these days are made through websites. Chances are, those who are new to your company will start learning about the business by scoping out your company website; the content found on the site will form their opinion of what your company stands for, and ...

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The Best Ways for Attracting Customers to Your Mobile Website

Mobile users are everywhere. You can’t go out into public now without seeing someone walking and texting on their phone, talking, or browsing the web to look for information. Sides are split on whether this new lifestyle is a healthy one, but in the context of business it can be seen as a positive. Having the ability to reach a ...

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Featured Post: The Importance of Having a Website in the Professional World

Not too long ago, the notion that anyone could have their own website was foreign to most people. When the Internet was in its infancy, websites were typically reserved for only the largest of companies; having one was almost a status symbol in many ways. The speed at which the Internet has matured is no doubt impressive, and it’s changed ...

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6 Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Website

  The advent of the internet and the advances in technology has given business owners and go getters another portal in which to reach people. In addition to spreading messages on foot, you can now spread your messages and offer your products on the World Wide Web. You can invite people to listen, learn and interact with your online presence. ...

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‘Tis the Season to Spruce Up Your Online Presence!

Why limit holiday decorating to your home?  As the mercury drops and the days grow short, why not dazzle customers with the digital equivalent of a string of twinkling lights?  Here are 10 easy ways to incorporate some festive flair into your digital presence this December. “Winterize” Your Homepage.  As the digital face of your business, your homepage is the ...

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