How You Can Get A Phone App for Your Business

In all likelihood, you are part of the mobile revolution that has occurred over the past decade. Everywhere you go there are Smartphones such as Android, iPhones and the like that access the internet on a daily basis. In fact, millions of people are currently using the mobile devices to surf the web almost exclusively, meaning that your online business may be missing out on a large customer base that is only growing.

You can get into this market by offering your customers a mobile app or application. A mobile application can contain all the necessary information for them to purchase the products or services that you have. A phone app can be stored on mobile devices and either act as a simple gateway to your mobile website or can contain more information that they can access to purchase the products or services that your business provides.


Numbers do not lie, more people are now surfing the web on mobile devices and as sophisticated as these systems are, such as the Android or iPhone, they simply do not have the capabilities of laptops or desktops. Still people are heavy users of mobile devices. This means that if you only have a standard website, you are going to be missing out on more and more customers each day who exclusively surf the web on their mobile devices.


A mobile phone app provides your customers with a means of contacting your business easier than them having to look you up on the internet. An app can act as calling point to your mobile website or a program that basically puts your information inside the phone app. The later is often far more expensive to produce, which is why most small businesses use the simple, directional app and build a solid mobile website.

Businesses to Help You Build A Phone App

There are a number of businesses that will create a phone app for you. These are professional, highly respected companies that are well known and have created apps for thousands upon thousands of businesses both small and large.

  • Mutual Mobile: “Empower organizations to take full advantage of modern mobility. Built from the ground up to solve the most challenging problems in mobile, our full-service approach and deep domain expertise ensure high-impact solutions for the world’s leading companies.”
  • NetzSmarts:  “An effective and secure method of deploying content to mobile devices for enterprises.”
  • Conduit: “An easy way for you to engage your users wherever they are. Our simple, yet powerful cloud-based mobile platform is built to meet the demands of the ever-evolving mobile world, giving you the tools you need to build a community for your brand, connect with your fans, manage your mobile user base easily and effectively, and always stay one step ahead.”
  • Fiddlefly: FiddleFly is dedicated to giving you the tools to make your mobile sites incredible. We're constantly working to provide solutions that bring mobile web excellence to your fingertips.

These are just a few of the companies that can create phone apps for your business. You should start by planning on whether you want a more sophisticated, stand alone app or one that merely directs them to your mobile website which may have to be created as well. Such decisions often mean discussing with the company you choose to create the phone app with, so be sure to get a firm quote that includes all of your needs first before making the choice.

Once you have chosen the company, the world of mobile marketing will become a lot easier once you have the right phone app for your business.

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