How To Increase User Engagement For Your Business Branded App

More and more companies are creating branded apps as a part of their overall marketing strategy, integrating location-based technology with deal information, product reviews, and even shopping elements to excite consumers.

Consumers respond in a positive way to these branded apps. Surveys show that the overall purchase intent and sentiment increases when customers are using a company-branded mobile app. However, most of these benefits are realized when customers actually want to use the app.

Here are a few strategies you can utilize to increase engagement for your business app:

Make a great first impression

New customers need to understand the value of your app – why they can’t live without it? Make a great first impression with an informative message that pops up when a customer opens your app. Use this space to guide the user through your app’s prime features, and demonstrate the value of using it over long-term and benefits of opting into push notifications.

You can also encourage new users to sign up to your app. Users who create new accounts within apps remain more engagement. Registrations can be encouraged through in-app messaging that reminds customers of the benefits.

Enhance user experience

Businesses should do more with their apps than simply giving customers the ability to look at products and services on their smartphones. Mobile app analytics platforms can now help business ownerstrack all user interactions in your mobile app, as well as provide insights into behavior and possible modifications you can make. User action recording in real time within an app can give companies insight on what works and what needs to be changed.

Businesses can also implement modern features such as providing access to detailed product information when they scan QR codes on packaging and labels, since the information on physical products is often limited. Another experience-enhancing feature could be granting users the ability to read product reviews and compare prices in real time, since consumers want to look at such information anyway. Push notifications can also be a great way to battle app inertia

Encourage social activity

Link your mobile app to your social channels and encourage app users to engage on social networks – this is a great strategy to transform consumers into brand advocates, and to generate organic user engagement. You can also consider a campaign or a special promotion to encourage mobile users to spread the word about your company.

All this can be done through push notifications such as ‘share the product on Facebook today and get a 10% discount on your next purchase’. Not only it builds exposure for your brand amongst new customers, but also sparks interest from regular customers.

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