Making a Difference in 2015

As the New Year quickly approaches I’ve found myself thinking about ways in which my advertising agency can make a difference in 2015. That’s really what we’re all about at Tiny Rebellion, we believe business is the most powerful force for positive change, and believe it or not that does apply to advertising. In fact, Advertising may well be one of the most important centers of positive potential in the world. With that said, I’ve written a few New Year’s resolutions for my agency, to hold us accountable in the movement towards positive change… Here’s what I’ve come up with…

  • Create Truth Fueled Advertising – As an ad agency committed to positive change, our goal is to create truth-fueled advertising that ignites a consumer uprising for our clients. In an industry where transparency hasn’t always been a priority, I am committed to finding new and exciting ways to help our clients disrupt their industry through open and honest communication by bringing good into the world.
  • Sign Clients That Align With Our Agency’s DNA – I know what you’re thinking…that’s a bunch of B.S… but yes, it’s important to me and my agency partners to work with clients that have the same end goal. My agency believes accountable business is the most powerful force for positive change, and those who agree are the kind of businesses we want to work with, regardless of size, budget or otherwise.
  • Give back to the Silicon Beach Community – Our agency is located at the epicenter of Silicon Beach, and this year we held community events to help generate positive change, including our Accelerator Day, which brought the whole community together. I’d like Tiny Rebellion to host more events like this in the coming year, gathering incredible groups of people together to do incredible things that will help the world become a better place.
  • Expand our reputation as THE Positive Change Agency – 2014 was a fantastic year for Tiny Rebellion, completing campaigns for high profile clients such as Bolthouse Farms and TrueCar, and taking home AdAge’s award for Small Agency of the Year. I believe our efforts to create positive change through advertising will lead to many exciting challenges with amazing new clients.
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My final resolution is to hold myself accountable for all of the above – easier said than done, but perhaps the most important resolution of all.

Happy New Year!

As the founding CEO of the Santa Monica based, change agent advertising agency, Tiny Rebellion, Lucas Donat has helped purpose-led companies emerge as iconic brands who disrupt their industry while positively changing the world. He has helped generate billions in global sales for many game-changing brands, and turned them into the household names we’ve come to know and love today.

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