A Philosophy, a Dream, and a Creative Agency: iLoveGoldie & iNexxus

Francesca Abony had an idea she wanted to share with the world: an idea as simple as recycling, and as practical as reusing; especially when applied to the fashion industry. Francesca’s mission was to promote the eco-friendly lifestyle as she believed that everyone can afford it, if only they knew where they could find a store or a restaurant with eco-friendly offers, or even small hints or tips to help reduce their carbon footprint. In order to spread her mission across the globe she decided to launch iLoveGoldie, a website which would eventually become the ultimate directory for people who shared her philosophy, all while raising awareness about natural resources lost to mass production and pollution.

Later on it would become the best place to find new and exciting eco-friendly vendors, restaurants, shops, products, etc. What is perhaps the most exciting is that any idea for a brand can be realized in 6 easy steps! Read on to find out how.

iNexxus Digital Marketing Agency undertook the task of building a campaign that would not only reach the target audience, but would also spread beyond those borders to become a discovery for others who might not have been the most eco-friendly fans.

Step 1

To embark on this journey the first step was to plan a strategy, construct and establish the brand as a credible source to information. This process, also known as branding, included crafting the logo, the colors, the message and the target. Most importantly, a team of marketers, designers, content developers and SEO experts worked collectively to create the optimal strategy for this particular mission.


Step 2

From here a team of developers team built the website that was to be the main carrier of the philosophy and would be the final destination for all those who were looking for eco-friendly content about fashion, health and lifestyle. The goal was to make sure the web design effectively reflected the image of Francesca's vision.  Naturally, a few stages and tests were necessary to conclude that both the marketing agency and the client were satisfied with the results. A collaborative effort yielded an internet platform that was also mobile-friendly which meant that it was easily accessible form both desktop and mobile devices and was ready to be presented to the world.

Step 3

Using social media platforms to attract and enlarge the fanbase was also a crucial step. Every social media post was complete with quality visuals and captivating written content. As a result, iLoveGoldie has over 5,200 followers on Twitter, with an increase in profile visits by 36% each month and continues to gain momentum on Instagram with 36.5k followers.


Step 4

The next step was to begin an intensive PR campaign. Specific geographic locations were chosen where, there was considerable interest in fashion, eco-friendly lifestyle, food and culture. The campaign lasted for 3 months and reached thousands of people across the world, including people who were fashion experts, event organisers, magazine editors, and ordinary shoppers. The concept behind iLoveGoldie was special, and its uniqueness came to light as a result of careful planning and then transforming an idea into reality.


Step 5

There was an abundance of information to share with the world that there was never a shortage of press releases, newsletters or blog articles. Hundreds of people wrote back and engaged with the provided content, either praising the idea and the people behind it, or offering collaborations, inviting iLoveGoldie’s brand to events and requesting more information about the project. Clearly it surpassed the boundaries of success.

For all you budding entrepreneurs, remember there is no limit to what you can accomplish in today’s marketing climate. A good idea can surely become a brand. Just remember these helpful hints:

  1. Always work on the idea before implementing it: plan, strategize, and figure out the details.
  2. Get the right team. Some digital marketing agencies are niche-specific and operate well only in one industry. Others, like iNexxus, have the resources to be multi-faceted and operate across industries and locations, without any limits.
  3. Follow up with your team. They might be implementing ideas pretty fast, so you have to catch up with your marketing team and share your opinions, thoughts and plans.
  4. Never stop at one point. When your campaign is successful, come up with a plan to take it a step further. There's always more to achieve, and if you have the right team, nothing is impossible.

This guest post is courtesy of iNexxus.

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