Best Keyword Tracking Methods to Boost Your SEO Efforts

Keywords (KWs) have been doing the rounds since the inception of SEO and search engines. With the evolvement of KW rankings over the years, the ways to monitor the search terms have developed too. When it comes to KW tracking, it means keeping an eye on the search phrases through software in a consistent way. You will find a gamut of KW tracking tools, each featuring many benefits.

According to an article published on, KW tracking is essential to know your Google rankings, ascertain whether your SEO efforts achieving any revenue, and boost organic traffic and conversions. Here are some of the best ways to track KWs for improving your SEO:

Category split KW monitoring

When you have a big business to manage, you need to focus on category split KW monitoring. That is because the search terms relevant to your business go past 100 or for that matter 1000. When this happens, it’s not easy to get a larger perspective.

When your business expands, or when you report to many stakeholders, dividing the visibility metrics into precise categories lets you learn about your organic SEO performance over their business setting. You need to tag your search phrases with a unique identifier, which could be a product or service category and brand name. You can consult with New York SEO services for beneficial results.

Simple KW listing monitoring

It’s the conventional way for monitoring KWs concerning a single set of search phrases. The method is beneficial when your brand has a single product or service, you own a restaurant or bar in one location, and you have a low-price product or service. A simple KW list might incorporate a visibility trend chart as well as a table with your business’s KW ranking efficiency or performance. When you run a simple KW list, yet include various geography-linked KWs in your various lists.

KW Funnel monitoring

When it comes to KW tracking concerning a visitor funnel, things become a little challenging. This tactic is more advanced than just simple KW monitoring and focuses more deeply into search patterns or behavior.

To be candid, 15 percent to 20 percent of Google searches haven’t been searched earlier. Monitoring several long-tail KWs or search terms becomes a little routine as far as the funnel method is concerned. In addition, advanced businesses require developed SEO reporting and not a simple KW listing method. That is because the simple KW listing strategy does not give you the bigger picture of the customer journey.

Let us now look into the funnel path consisting of the top, middle, and bottom-funnel, which means awareness, consideration, and action. To ensure effective and agile SEO, your business needs to customize your digital efforts to what customers want, be it products or services.

For best results, you need to allocate web pages to funnel phases, synchronize Google search console KWs to funnel phases, and bring into line the KW list to funnel.

Final thoughts

Now that you know about these methods, you can make the best use of KWs to improve your SEO efforts. You will benefit from the outcome.


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