Edupreneurship is the Future: 5 Reasons That Prove It

Edupreneurship is a term that combines two words – ‘education’ and ‘entrepreneurship’. If you have never heard it before, edupreneurship is the category of business that refers to the practice of people interested in exploring alternative and modern ways of teaching and learning.

These are the so-called edupreneurs. But, who exactly are these people?

To fully understand what edupreneurship is, we need to look more into what an edupreneur is and does. While there are varying roles and tasks attached to the title of an edupreneur, a  study that explores ‘Edupreneurship in Education’ gives out a spot-on definition to it.

According to the publication, ‘an edupreneur is a person who has served as an educator before organizing a business related to education and has invested time, energy, and capital to create, develop, and market a program, product, service, or technology to enhance learning.’

This translates into being able to create learning programs and experiences that are innovative and unique. But it could also mean developing online learning software or applications that offer accessibility to a group of people interested in learning or teaching a specific subject.

So, what is the big fuss about it?

Well, edupreneurship is the way forward. If you are a teacher who wants to start a business and make a real impact on the world through education, then edupreneurship is the right path for you.

But that’s not the only reason why you need to consider becoming an edupreneur. In this article we list all five reasons it is an excellent idea:

1.  It helps to improve people’s lives

As an edupreneur, you have the knowledge of a teacher and the power of an entrepreneur. With these two characteristics, you can create something amazing for others – young people and elderly alike. What you are offering is a service that is not only valuable to you but also for the rest of the world. By becoming an edupreneur you are using the knowledge you have to educate other people and nobody is taking this for granted. Besides knowledge is power.

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2. It allows you to make passive income

More and more people are actively looking for ways to make passive income either by owning assets, becoming freelancers or opening their own business. I mean, who can blame them? Everybody wants a better work-life balance and an increase in their monthly income with the minimum effort possible.

And, this is where edupreneurship comes in. Edupreneurship is the silver lining because it proposes the greatest deal. As an edupreneur, you get to create online courses, videos, webinars or any other learning experience for that one time and then continue selling them repeatedly at the best price you see fit.

This way, learning resources are used as evergreen content and are being sold to people who are interested in a particular subject like Maths, English, coding, or building their lifelong skills. There is real beauty in monetizing your knowledge, because you are putting it into good use.

3. It offers a way to leave a legacy

Edupreneurship allows you to make a name for yourself and your work. Becoming an edupreneur helps you improve the way things are, suggest changes towards modernizing the approach of the educational system or introducing more effective methods or tools of teaching.

What’s great about being an edupreneur is that it can be super rewarding. If you are willing to pursue it and have a strong desire to succeed while helping students and teachers learn and develop, you have a chance of making a real difference and becoming an expert in your field.

4. It exploits technological means

Education and technology work hand-in-hand and there is no way to stop the progress, ever. Technology already has a profound impact on our lives and influences the way we live and learn.

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For this reason, the only way for education to develop and become more inclusive is by working alongside technology professionals to ensure that it creates better opportunities for the future.

Currently, there seems to be a huge potential in the market of education technology – ‘ed-tech’ and it will not change anytime soon.

Even at hard times like when pandemics hit, technology has our back, showing us the path we need to follow in order to have continued access to education.

5. It improves the classroom instruction

Edupreneurship is the future because it is changing the way teachers and students are communicating.

Whether it’s inside or outside of the classroom, it’s already happening, and it’s going to get more relevant and ‘gamified’ as we are moving towards a learning-based economy.

Blending learning, asynchronous learning, gamified learning, microlearning, and community-learning are amongst the many types of online learning that are currently at the forefront of education and we cannot ignore.

Edupreneurship is all about being able to drive change through the creation and the improvement of learning opportunities. Through those who practice it, it comes to offer innovation in the way the educational system works, coming up with alternative solutions that grant access to effective and more interactive learning.

Ready to Become an Edupreneur?

Everybody has something to teach, and you shouldn’t put any limits on your ability to educate others. If you like teaching but also want to make this your full-time job and career while being your own boss, consider becoming an edupreneur.

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Whether this translates to creating and selling online courses or building an online school, you can help transform the scenery of education to allow it to operate to its full potential.

Edupreneurship is about inspiring people to become better at what they learn and do. Are you willing to be part of that? Let us know!


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