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Rescue A CEO helps entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners get tasks and projects completed. Rescue A CEO is a member of CEO Blog Nation. Please find more information about Rescue A CEO on our About Us page.

How Rescue A CEO Connection Works

  1. Entrepreneur/business owner pays a small fee and requests help and support with a project or task.
  2. Rescue a ceo qualifies the entrepreneur/business owner to determine project needs, budget, timetable and other necessary information.
  3. Rescue a ceo contacts our network of experts /professionals to find a highly compatible selection based on qualifications from entrepreneur/business owner.
  4. Professional/expert pays a fee an annual if they are not a member of our network or lower for a larger fee if they are a member of the network.
  5. Entrepreneur/business owner & professional/expert connect to complete project.

 Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

 For a small-one time fee, find a professional to fulfill your needs and help you get things done. There is no obligation to select any of the professionals provided. Only categories: web design, social media management & SEO.

Experts & Professionals

List your name and business for a one-time annual fee. Every warm lead costs and additional fee if you aren’t a member. Only categories:  web design, social media management & SEO. Our entrepreneurs and business owners will typically earn what their money back in just one transaction.

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