6 Mobile SEO Mistakes That are Affecting Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

As a general majority of the users has changed to mobile devices for getting to the web, the interest for optimizing the destinations to suit these devices has expanded enormously. Because of this, webmasters have turned to a totally new scope of methods in SEO services to optimize the locales for appropriately seeing in mobile devices. Despite the fact that ...

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Choosing the Right Venue for a Business/Conference Meeting

So, you have found yourself in the position where you need to locate the perfect venue for your company’s next conference meeting, and you are not so experienced with organizing an event of this size. Be happy to know that it does not matter, as long as you have a sensible head on your shoulders and you are a good ...

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8 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Favorite YouTube Channel for Business

Being a business owner requires motivation which can come from various sources such as podcasts and YouTube channels. There are some YouTube channels which serve to inspires us to achieve greater heights due to their valuable content. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners about their Favorite YouTube channel and here are the responses; #1- TED Talks TED Talks is one of ...

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5 Ways to Manage Your Budget

Since we were young, our parents have asked us to be on a budget and learn the value of money and even if not that, we have heard them talking about things like this with each other. Until we become old enough to earn, we do not understand how crucial it is to stay on a budget. While we all ...

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How to Make Going Paperless Worth It This Tax Season

If you’re thinking about taking your accounting department paperless this 2018 tax season, these tips will turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.    1. Know That “Paperless” Only Describes Half the Benefits  There are many ways to go paperless before tax season, but not all are created equal. The best paperless strategies are backed by software solutions that ...

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The #1 Mistake Small Businesses Make in Marketing and How to Solve it

Over the past 20 years, I have heard the same thing from companies “we tried PR, advertising, content marketing and it didn’t work.” I’m betting you are nodding your head and thinking about all of the money you’ve spent that generated little to no results. The challenge is that you know you need to market your business; communicate your business ...

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8 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Best Innovations on Business Today

Innovations are improving the way we do business by automating processes and increasing efficiency. Most of them are technological while others seek to promote an environmentally friendly workplace. Not forgetting the amazing possibilities to help in communication, reaching out to customers and marketing. We asked entrepreneurs what they believe are some of the great innovations in business today. #1- Go Digital with Your ...

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A Change of Space: 4 Pointers for Moving to a New Office Complex

Whether your business is moving on up to a better office complex or simply relocating, the moving itself can be a major process. Handling it properly will make the move go much smoother and with less productivity loss. Here are four tips that will make your business’s move a success. Make Your Moving Plan Moving isn’t the time to be ...

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13 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Set Boundaries

While you wear many hats as an entrepreneur, setting boundaries can save you time and safeguard your personal life from sinking into everything business. It also allows you time to think how you can grow the business. However, setting boundaries during the initial phase of a business can be challenging since your main focus is building a client base and ...

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Trouble Naming Your Product? Here’s a Few Tips

Your product may be fully fledged and ready to go. But it won’t go far without a name. This can be a huge sticking point for product developers. Sometimes coming up with a name can take even longer than coming up with a product idea, with ideas going round in circles and never getting anywhere. If you’re having trouble naming ...

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