Email Marketing Etiquette – How to Create The Most Appropriate Emails for your Audience

Thank God that the speculations of the early death of email marketing in the face of emerging technologies have gone wrong. Today, email marketing is as relevant and effective as it used to be decades ago. The advent of SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, etc. has not dented its ability as a proficient marketing tool. It has been more than 50 years since sending the first email in 1971and today emails are one of the strongest media of communication that connects marketers closely to customers.  Despite being a valuable marketing tool that not only supports business growth but also helps to nurture customers, emails remain highly underrated. But this does not matter because the powers of emails remain unaffected.

The reason for underrating email marketing arises from the unfounded concerns about its longevity. The naysayers could not foresee how the media would adjust to the rapid changes in the digital world.  Fortunately, email marketing has stood the test of times and is going strong even after half a century of its inception. The compelling reason why marketers still prefer email marketing is due to its high ROI around 122% which is much higher than the returns from the social media, direct mail and paid searches. Currently, people send out 205 billion emails daily, and by 2019 the figure is likely to touch 246 billion emails every day across the world.

To achieve the marketing goals, you have to know how to create better emails and make it more compelling for the recipients. The emails should have higher open rates and the ability to evoke the desired response from the recipients which is a measure of its success. To make it happen, you must be aware of the types of emails that suit different marketing situations by taking into account the background of the target audience. Creating the right kind of email for a particular situation and a particular group of audience is a necessity that you should know how to fulfill. In this article, you will come to know about the different types of emails that you have to send regularly for satisfying the business needs.

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Emails for capturing leads

This is perhaps the most exciting emails that you have to create for your customers because it creates the footprints that lead to revenue generation.   Infuse some enchanting power into the communication so that it has a compelling appeal that would make the recipients not only take note but also react in the way you want them to respond. This does not mean that you have to create complex emails. On the contrary, an easy way to win over the audience is to keep it simple and speak in a lucid language that strikes a chord with them.

To increase the attraction of the communication, you can add an image to it. The idea is to provide as much information as possible so that it facilitates conversions.  But it is important to remain thrifty with words and not indulge in verbose communication because the attention span of readers is just too short. Readers would take 11.1 seconds on an average to go through an email to decide whether to close or convert. Including an image in an email encourages readers to download an asset or report. Do not forget to include a clear CTA to encourage readers open the report or ebook linked to the image. You can back it up with a few lines of the content of the email.  

Emails for product giveaways and selling

Such emails have a different purpose, and you must take a different approach when creating it. The content would be less or minimal text and use more images. Since you are highlighting some transaction that has physical value like some giveaways for consumers, being more visual pays back well. After all, pictures speak more than a thousand words. Use images that directly reveal what you are giving away or selling and takes readers straight to the point. It would create a crisp and hard-hitting communication that tells all about the product on offer.   Stick to the following guideline.

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Create descriptive subject lines with a sense of urgency. Stay tuned to the tone of the brand and do not forget to consider the current trends and regional differences in language. Keep the content simple and straightforward and use images that reveal everything that the customer would like to know.

Meeting emails or personal emails

Since you want to communicate with customers at a personal level and might even want to set up a meeting, it is better that you rely on text only to create such emails. Strictly avoid using any images because it could distract readers and become a cause for displeasure. As you would like to take the conversation to the next level by inviting readers to a meeting, maintain a semi-official tone in the message that generates a feeling that you mean business.  Take a more direct and personal approach to framing suitable subject lines as you are interacting one on one basis. Keep the message simple but remember to include a forceful CTA that compels readers to take immediate action.

Surveys and feedback

Emails are excellent in obtaining feedback from customers that helps to get much closer to them by knowing their likes and dislikes. When seeking feedback, stay polite and humble that would express how much earnest you are in making improvements.  Emphasize on the words advice and feedback as it would underline your belief that there is always room for improvement. Do not use words like survey and evaluation as it could conceal your good intentions. You must demonstrate your intention of improving user experience and show how much importance you pay to your customers who are special to you.

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To enable readers to distinguish your emails from spammy emails send a follow-up email within 48 hours with a completely different subject line to those who do not open your earlier mail.  It would surely increase open rates of your emails.


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