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How to Transition from Entrepreneur to Investor in Three Years

Would you rather be an entrepreneur or an investor? Both of course! We hear so much about entrepreneurship in today’s world that we almost forget about the power of investing. And this is justified in most cases as the majority of people need entrepreneurship to help them achieve financial security and independence. Only then do we have the luxury to ...

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The Value of Images in Email Marketing

If you’re not considering how images can help you reach your customers in your email marketing, it’s time to start. Images enhance your content in ways that words can’t. We live in a visual culture, and images speak to consumers. A visually pleasing email increases engagement and draws attention to the written content in your emails. Along with a visually ...

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Startups and Foosball: A Match Made in Heaven?

Foosball: one of the most addicting tabletop games one can play. With the trend of the integration of different fields becoming extremely common, we have begun to spot a lot of foosball tables in a variety of different businesses and companies. While the purpose of these activities and tools is to increase the efficiency of the team, attract new talents ...

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25 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran business owner or just getting your feet wet in the deep end of the entrepreneurial lake. Advice can be delivered in many forms. You might get a wake-up call from a peer or mentor on your performance. It might be a huge motivational speech from someone ...

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5 Productivity Roadblocks that Stifle Creative Employees

Creativity is the key to innovation and something that companies of all shapes and sizes are looking to embrace. Hiring creative employees can help propel an organization to unexpected levels and uncover new growth opportunities for the business. As the CEO and Founder of Task Pigeon, a task management tool for teams, I do however know that maintaining productivity in ...

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How to Stay Productive in a World of Distractions

Distractions are everywhere. Just when you settle down to do some serious work, your phone vibrates immediately shifting your attention from the task at hand to whatever notification it is you have received. Or perhaps a colleague stops by and end up speaking about anything but work for a full twenty minutes. There is no denying that distractions impact your ...

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7 Most Common Dilemmas New Entrepreneurs Always Have

Starting a business can be overwhelming. Many entrepreneurs that have decided to take the plunge wind up struggling to answer a dozen different questions each day, and almost none of them have easy answers. Here are some common problems that you should consider before they arise. 1) Location Deciding where to set up shop can be tricky. You want to ...

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How To Write B2B Marketing Content That Sells

The B2B market is possibly the most elusive market around. How can you write content that feels genuine and impels the reader to buy from you? There’s a way of doing it, it just takes some know how. Here are the best tips that will help you write compelling B2B content. Put The Most Important Point First This is a ...

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7 Ways To Outperform Your Competition When You Sell The Same Products

So the competition is selling exactly the same products as you? How do you outperform them to become the market leader for your area? Here are seven tips for making your company and your products stand out from the crowd: Provide Excellent Customer Service We feel much more loyalty to a company that provides excellent customer service. We’re also much ...

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5 Useful Skills to Know Before Starting Your Business Career

Business is more than just the numbers. Sure, sales are important and understanding finance is crucial. However, these alone are not enough. There are certain skills that every person should know before starting a business career. If you acquire them, you can enjoy long term success. Without them, you risk not being prepared for the power of the global competition ...

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