What To Do After A Data Breach – A Guide For Business Owners

Data breaches are an everyday thing. In the US alone, more than 34,000 cybersecurity incidents happen daily, and small-to-medium sized businesses are on the receiving end in 62% of the cases. Make no mistake: Prevention is still better than cure. But if the statistics above are any indication, businesses of all sizes must also have a response plan ready in ...

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13 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use The Book They Wrote For Business

Besides personal branding, a book can be a great asset to your business. It can be used to generate income and improve the credibility of your business in its area of specialty. Authors attest to many other benefits of writing their books and the greatest of them is that you do the work once but the advantages follow many years ...

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Establish Good Team Communication with these 4 Leadership Tips

Being an effective leader requires superior communication skills. Using these skills, you are able to help your team members stay on task and maximize their success. However, good communication doesn’t always come naturally. To improve your communications skills and the overall effectiveness of your leadership, follow these four tips.   1. Plan for efficient communication Communication should not waste your ...

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4 Ways Senior Managers Can Ensure Timely Product Delivery

A career as a senior manager can be enriching, interesting and productive. It can be busy and chaotic too. Senior managers have to keep track of so many different things. They have to keep track of prompt delivery of products as well. If you’re a senior manager who wants to stay on top of all product delivery matters, you can ...

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12 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Podcast For Business

Just like videos, the use of podcasts is turning to be a preferred engagement tool for many entrepreneurs. It can be used to educate your audience on diverse topics and highlight news in the market. Podcasts can also be a great engagement tool with your clients and audience where you give them a platform to share their knowledge, expertise and opinions. ...

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You’re Not Crazy, the Double Standard Is Real

Entrepreneurialism is a challenging path. Building a successful business requires the right kismet of financing, market opportunity and just dumb luck. Statistically most entrepreneurs will fail; however, of the percentage who succeed, most are men. This is because women are lousy in business. True, most start-ups will fail. True, those founded by men are more likely to succeed. False, women ...

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Is Traditional Marketing Dead? 16 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on the Future of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has, for a long time, been the preferred mode of advertising for many businesses. The trend seems to be changing with a lot more entrepreneurs choosing digital marketing due to its cost-effective nature. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing offers businesses an opportunity to interact and get feedback from their target audience. Does this mean the gradual death of traditional marketing? ...

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Is SEO Dead? 20 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on SEO and it’s Future

Critics say SEO is on the verge of disappearance. This is partly due to the rapid changes being experienced such as the increase in voice search. Some will argue against this statement since more platforms such as social media are part of the optimization and their usage continue to rise. We asked entrepreneurs, SEO managers and business owners what their ...

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7 Areas Where Technology is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Digital transformation has been taking place across countless industries for the last several years, and construction is no exception to this new trend. Innovations in business management, job site safety, equipment, and team productivity are all coming together to help construction contractors, project managers, and subcontractors complete jobs more efficiently and safely. Here are seven areas where technology is making ...

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16 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Websites For Business

If you ask several business owners how they started the process of establishing their business, they’ll tell you it started with a domain search. This demonstrates the importance of having an online presence through a website or social media presence. A website is a sure mark of professionalism and gives credibility to the business. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners ...

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