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Making Tennessee the Best Place in the Southeast to Start A Business

Places like Tennessee, Colorado and Washington D.C. understand the importance of entrepreneurship and are investing with the hopes of attracting entrepreneurs and business owners. The Tennessee state government created an organization to increase entrepreneurship in Tennessee. Launch Tennessee launched a Southeast-specific tech conference called Southland, a connected network of 9 regional business accelerators, and an accelerator program called the TENN. Rescue a ...

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Denver Startup Week Takes Off Today #DENStartupWeek

Denver Startup Week begins today as entrepreneur flock to Denver, Colorado to participate in activities throughout the week including workshops, mentor office hours, resource fairs, hack-a-thons, happy hours and more.  The second annual Denver Startup Week (September 16-September 21, 2013) is organized by Downtown Denver Partnership, Colorado Technology Association, and the Denver community for entrepreneurs and startups. The event kicks off with ...

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Featured Post: Building Your Company Image and Brand on a Budget

With a changing business landscape, entrepreneurs have more opportunities than ever to create small brands and businesses that can compete with larger corporate entities. We now see a rise in young CEOs spearheading the development of new business models, challenging the dinosaurs of the Fortune 500 with creativity and foward-thinking. However, most new businesses have trouble getting on the consumer ...

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5 Things You Must Do to Market Your Website

You’ve created a website but suddenly you realize it’s not very helpful if can’t get anyone to visit it. To be successful online having a website is not enough. After all, there are literally hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet. So what things can do to make sure yours gets found? Here are five things you must do ...

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What Entrepreneurs Can Dig From the Affordable Care Act – Featured Post

The population of self employed in U.S. is a well stated figure of 23 million. If only the state of Massachusetts was brought into consideration, nearly 470,000 self-employed firms assist the economic development. The diversity of self-employed businesses is large with people ranging from IT specialists to painters. While the number of such individuals would continue to rise, there’s one area ...

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Promotional Products….Are They Really Worth It?

Absolutely! Promotional products provide businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of numerous competitive advantages.  Brand promotion, inexpensive advertising, and promising returns are three key edges that promotional products offer. Let’s take a look at these aspects in greater detail to get a feel for how important they really are. Brand Promotion     The quality of a company’s brand is ...

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Branding in a Competitive Marketplace – Featured Post

Modern branding is accompanied by its own set of difficulties. Brands are now competing in an environment that is more inconsistent than before. This inconsistency is driven by numerous factors that range from fragmentation of markets to the advances in technology. So how does one grow their brands and use the leverage of other bigger brand names to increase product offerings ...

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What Delay In Affordable Care Act Implementation Means For Your Business

The White House announced in early July that it would delay until 2015 enforcement of a provision in the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) that will require employers to provide insurance to full-time employees. The law, which was set to take effect January 1, 2014, has received criticism from small business groups who say the law unfairly burdens them. Businesses ...

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Employee Fulfillment: It’s No Urban Legend

Your role as a manager is to make sure that the employees you supervise are working to their full potential. But an often overlooked aspect of keeping employee productivity high is providing employees with a sense of fulfillment in their jobs. Fulfilled employees are engaged and productive employees. You may have unwittingly found yourself in a never ending cycle of ...

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To Hire or Not to Hire – Should You Bring a Branding Professional Aboard?

In certain areas of business it is hard to figure out whether it needs the touch of a professional or not. Professionals can cost money and with most startups the key to success is not getting yourself in deep financial straits right off the bat. Then again, there are some areas where a professional is almost always needed. So how ...

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