Outsourcing Your Software Development Team: Pros and Cons


Outsourcing your software development team makes sense when your business strives for fast product development and aims to maintain the pace of an internet audience. However, before making the plunge into outsourcing, businesses have to consider the strengths and weaknesses of this kind of arrangement. Speed is valuable, but so is quality. What are the pros and cons of software ...

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Franchise Business Trends For 2016


Franchisees at one time were content with being their own boss. Today the majority of franchisees own multiple franchises, some even major networks with hundreds of stores. There are still millions of entrepreneurs looking for a chance to launch a proven business on affordable terms. Opportunities continue to grow, but franchise prospects also see constant changes. Here are some of ...

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15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on the Latest Instagram Changes


The dust has finally begun to settle where Instagram is concerned. The popular photo sharing service completely flipped away from its familiar skeuomorphic look – a design popular with icons in the early iOS days – to a gradient scheme. The internet’s reaction was swift, of course. Some hated it, some liked it, and some barely noticed a change. For ...

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Creating a Memorable Experience for your Customers

Photo Credit: Pauline Ann van der Meijs

Innovation and convenience have made our lives easier, but this progress can also have an impact on the world around us. It is this desire to do more for the world that led me to create a fashionable business of my own. Plastic grocery bags have long been a hot topic for me since they clutter our beautiful earth and ...

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Social Media Brand Image Guidelines for New Businesses


In this contemporary world, many individuals are kissing the traditional work world goodbye and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. If you’ve chosen this vocational path, it’s important to know that advertising your new brand on social media is an effective way to extend your sphere of influence and develop a solid base of customers. To ensure that your social media marketing ...

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3 Companies Making Work Communication Easier


There are many communication challenges faced by small, medium and large companies alike. Whether they are dealing with remote teams, multiple work sites, tremendous growth, employees on the road, or even outsourced contractors – staying in touch, coordinated, and abreast of developments is daunting. These challenges explain why many companies are turning to cloud-based software solutions for their team and ...

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15 Entrepreneurs Predict the next Big Thing in Social Media


First we had MySpace. It was the one social media platform to rule all the rest. School kids found ways to get past their school’s security settings just to take a peek at their MySpace page. Then there was Facebook and still the Book holds supreme in the landscape of social media. Adding to the mix have been platforms such ...

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15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Twitter for Business


Social Media is here and it is not going anywhere. Many brands focus on specific social media sites because of the type of updates they can make or the activity level of their target market. Twitter is no different and the microblogging site is used by entrepreneurs and business owners to promote brands, communicate with customers and to tell their ...

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How to Attract More Clients in 5 Easy Stages


Even if business is booming and your sales are on the rise, you should always be thinking about attracting new clients. Continually sending out the same old marketing email to your existing client base isn’t going to cut it; you need to be thinking about long term growth. So if you haven’t got a plan in place for how to ...

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Debt Collection and Management Services For Your Business Receivables Account


The number of businesses going insolvent or being closed down yearly alarming. Among other reasons, unsettled bills from debtors rank as the biggest cause. It is a common business practice for businesses to give out products or offer services on credit with faith that their debtors will repay within the agreed time. However, in most cases, this doesn’t happen and ...

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