Tips on Making Your Small Business a Success

Image Credit: Larry Gurreri

Share There are three key elements of a successful small business Stay Focused: When you are starting a small business, no company can be everything to everyone; stay focused. Remember that Google launched as a simple search engine and a four-star Italian restaurant may open its doors serving only pizza. Carve and perfect your niche, and then expand from there Keep It Simple: Small ...

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Revival of the Mind and Body: The Value of Compassionate Care and Personalized Service

Image Credit: Manny Rodriguez

If there is one thing every business should embrace, which is also a rule every executive should follow, it is this: Personalize the services you provide, with compassion and wisdom, so your supporters can be the beneficiaries of your leadership and the champions of your respective organization. Nowhere is that principle more important, because the stakes (both psychological and physical) ...

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A CEO’s Secret to Inspiring Productivity: Collaboration, Not Fear

Image Credit: Boland T. Jones

Old-school motivation techniques primarily revolved around fear. We may not have called it “fear,” but rest assured that’s what it was. Knowing your boss was in the next room or could walk by at any moment kept employees on their toes. In fact, I’d bet most of us have worked for someone at a point in our careers who had ...

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12 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Outsource Their Business

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Outsourcing for some is a dirty word but for many entrepreneurs and business owners it is the only way that things can get accomplished. Because we are focused on helping entrepreneurs get things done, we asked entrepreneurs how they outsource their business. 1) Graphic Design As a business owner, there’s more to do in a given day than there are ...

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What is the Latest Disruptive Technology for Business Owners?

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Technology can be disruptive no matter what sort it is. Entrepreneurs and business owners use technology as another limb these days and even the simplest piece of technology can turn into something magical when it’s in the right hands. Aside from this fact, there are some truly disruptive technologies which come long now and then. They may not always catch ...

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Tips on Using Influential Language to Communicate Effectively

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Poorly chosen words can nullify both influence and leadership efforts. The examples that follow serve to remind us that when we influence, we are leading; and that, as leaders, we invite more scrutiny than we do as followers. Sometimes, the glare of the spotlight may be so intense that we try to remove ourselves from it by using “weasel” words. These not only smack of ...

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6 Tips On How To Manage Your Family, Business, And Career


It can be difficult for many business owners to worry about managing their own business and taking care of their families at the same time. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. As a result here are 6 tips on how to take care of your family and your business. 1.Always Develop A Plan Try to set goals for yourself ...

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Listening – a Must-Have Skill at Negotiations

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Negotiating business deals and bargaining with the toughest business individuals in the industry can be both challenging and frustrating. Whether you’re an avid entrepreneur, a CEO or just a manager trying to make order in the office, you must know that the key to negotiating with people is to become an active listener. Listening is an excellent way of evaluating ...

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Top 3 Millennial Motivators

Image Credit: Joan Snyder Kuhl

With the growing impact of the Millennial generation – those born between 1980-2000 – today’s workforce is changing dramatically. Millennials are transforming and disrupting industries such as media, auto, beauty and retail, both as a growing consumer segment and as future leaders of global organizations. The big mystery that continues to cause friction between Millennials and their management stems from ...

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34 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Blog for Business

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How do you use your #blog for your #business? We have an upcoming post on blogging for your business. If you have any tips or insight, we would love to hear them below! #entrepreneur #startup #businessowner #bloggers #blogging #question #questions #whydoyoublog #ceo #ceos #ceoblognation A photo posted by CEO Blog Nation : I am CEO (@ceoblognation) on Feb 18, 2015 ...

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