The Mobile Executive: Active and Secure

Image Credit: Michael D. Shaw

For executives overseeing a mobile workforce, enterprise grade security – for both Android and iOS devices – is essential. Without the resources to identify and isolate leaky apps and avoidable risks, a company can quickly lose control of confidential information. As business leaders, CEOs have a responsibility to make these safeguards a priority; they have a duty to invest in ...

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Leadership and Knowledge: The Future of Online Learning and the Power of an Informed Workforce

Image Credit: Keith Williams

Online learning is a global phenomenon, enhanced by innovative technology and the free assembly of teachers, students, companies and entrepreneurs. More to the point, a platform now exists to further a trio of noteworthy, mutually beneficial goals: Education, Engagement and Success. Each element advances an individual mission or a collective ambition, while creating a marketplace of ideas and a community ...

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Improving Your Company’s Transparency to Attract Investors


It should not be news that transparency is important when you want to attract goodwill and, more importantly, investors to your company and brand. The more people know about what you do and how you do it, the more likely they are to trust you with their own money. Of course, it’s one thing to say “you need to be ...

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Employee Growth – Value of Building Strengths Versus Fixing Weaknesses

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The Peter Principle is well known in business circles, and you can see examples of it in any organization. The idea is that people are promoted to their position of incompetence. A company will take a brilliant engineer, the best in his field, and promote him to management. Unfortunately, the qualities that made him a great engineer don’t serve him ...

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From a Vast Wasteland to a Land of Plenty: The Rise of Personalized TV and Global Information

Image Credit: Tan Tran

Television is in, as critics never fail to remind us, a so-called golden age. The serialized drama defines this era, where the arc of a character, from a suburban mafioso depleted by a cocktail of antidepressants and the self-medicating tonic of alcohol, violence and promiscuous sex to a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher, enraged by a crime-does-pay culture, in which ...

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A Never-Ending Courtship: The Power of Customer Love for Independent and Established Brands

Image Credit: Dave Ratner

Here is a question for every executive or marketer: Why do once-popular brands lose their appeal, and fade into the cobwebbed reference section of our collective memory? Why do these brands become artifacts of a bygone decade, sources of both amusement (since the products look so dated) and embarrassment (that the products were successful in the first place)? Why, in ...

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5 Tips for Chasing Unpaid Invoices from Your Top Clients

Image Credit: Conrad Ford

Creating strong and mutually beneficial working relationships could hardly be more crucial in the context of small business operations, regardless of what sector you’re working in. However, it’s an unfortunate and often uncomfortable reality that your top clients might sometimes leave your invoices unpaid and leave you with little choice but to take action. Here are some tips on how ...

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Are You Entrepreneur Material?

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You’ve always dreamed of being the boss, but do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Experts at The Maids®, the residential cleaning service that remains a model for the franchising industry, say you should consider the following before starting a business: Can you deal with risk and insecurity? If you are flexible, able to handle unpleasant surprises, ...

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Brand Laddering: The Framework for Specific Product Benefits and Credibility

Image Credit: Filiberto Amati

One of the big myths of marketing is that a “good product” sells itself. The legend is just that – a falsehood – because of the many factors, like distribution and brand awareness, which must happen before sales occur. The more important issue, framed as question, is: What does a good product even look like? To answer that query, we ...

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CEO Survival Guide


It’s not easy being a CEO. Whether you’re in charge of a small business that you built, or were appointed CEO to an existing company, the success of that venture is largely dependent on you as the CEO. Even if someone else makes a mistake, at the end of the day it all trickles up to the CEO but you ...

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