Reaching a Global Audience with a Message of International Influence: The Power of High-End Clientele

Image Credit: Odd Einar

The world of luxury, residential real estate is aside, from its economic importance, a metaphor for global communications and the power of online marketing. For, high-end properties in Manhattan or other major U.S. cities do not have an exclusively American clientele; on the contrary, a locale like New York – with its financial reach, cultural influence, political strength and overall ...

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It Isn’t Whether or Not You Should Accept Credit Cards Anymore – Now It’s HOW You Accept Credit Cards That Matters

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Believe it or not, like pay phones and paper-based address books, “cash only” businesses were once common. Like pay phones and address books, though, technology has helped to make these things nearly obsolete. Think about it: when was the last time you went into a successful “cash only” business…that didn’t have an ATM within a few feet of the register? ...

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Quality and Personality: The Independent Retailer’s Advantage

Image Credit: Dave Ratner

For independent retailers and entrepreneurs there are challenges aplenty, from competing against global brands and attempting to attract the attention of distributors and manufacturers to capturing the interest of customers and media. The playing field is anything but level; it is more like a step incline, inducing vertigo and physical and emotional stress, as we ascend its knee-deep piles of ...

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Steps for a Successful Business Launch

Image Credit: Leah Rutherford

It’s a terrifying statistic that anyone who has ever considered launching a new business is familiar with: in the first 18 months, 8 out of 10 businesses fail. With a 20% chance at success, many professionals choose to stay the course and to skip out on starting the business they’ve dreamed of. Don’t want to fall into that category? Follow ...

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Choice, Not Confusion: The Global Pursuit of Information

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The history of technology is about many things, but it symbolizes two key principles in particular: Continuous advances in products and services, and more choices for consumers. The challenge for businesses with an interest in this space, which encompasses everything from smartphones and tablets to personal computing and other handheld devices, involves balancing the progress of technology with the demands ...

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Geo-Hunting for Cash: The Mobile Revolution in Marketing and Brand Loyalty


The search for the ultimate marketing solution, a resource that inspires and actively engages consumers by providing them with an irresistible incentive that spreads instantly throughout social media, delivering valuable news to friends and colleagues alike, all of it measurable in real-time from a smartphone or laptop – that resource now exists. Or: Welcome to the phenomenon of “geo-hunting for ...

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5 Steps to Picking Yourself Up After a Royal Business Bust

Image Credit: Marley Majcher

Somewhere along the line, a good friend of mine, Simon T. Bailey, made the statement that “failure isn’t final” and I’m convinced he had me in mind when he said it. I’m actually kind of obsessed with failure. Why? Because it’s a subject I’ve had plenty of experience with during my 20+ years as an entrepreneur and it can crush ...

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Why Registering Multiple Domains is Good for Your Business


Savvy business owners know that a strong online presence is vital to attracting and converting new customers, and that the specific domain names resolving to a site can greatly impact the success of that business. For this and other reasons, many companies register multiple domains. Here are a few of the main benefits of doing so. Protecting Your Brand Online ...

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When They Look Good, You Look Good: How to Motivate Your Employees


You are only as strong as your workforce. You learned this while you were working to build your workspace, develop relationships with client and perfect your product…well—you learned this after you stopped trying to do everything yourself. You learned (and probably quickly) that your employees are the lifeblood of your company. When they are happy and motivated, your business soars. ...

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Five Small Business Practices that Would Deserve a Yellow Card

Image Credit: Michael Salem

For many small businesses, back-end operations such as project management, billing and invoicing and time tracking can be time-consuming and potentially lead to wasted hours – and money. Today’s small business owners are depending on technology now more than ever to help run an efficient operation. But are they using technology the right way? In the spirit of this year’s ...

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