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15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice


No matter how you look at it, starting a business is hard. One of the hardest things you may ever have to do. There’s the business plan to think over, a name, government policies to consider, how it will affect your family, finances and the list rolls on from there. Some hardened entrepreneurs suggest spending a long time thinking about ...

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Keeping Employees Happy and Costs Down


Modern employers are starting to take close notice of the happiness of their workers. They are conducting employee satisfaction surveys and asking their employees directly about the things with which they are content. The surveys ask the employees a variety of questions about what makes them happy and unhappy on a job. The following are five ways that a modern employer can ...

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4 Effortless Branding Tips


Creating an easily recognizable brand is important for any business, new or old. You want your customers and clients to see your logo, recognize your colors, and understand your tagline from the very beginning. A strong brand builds trust between customers and puts your company at the front of their mind when looking to make a purchase in your market. Without a ...

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7 Simple Tasks That Will Improve Your Productivity at Work


If everyone in the world was able to work at their maximum ability then each country would be so developed to an unimaginable point. Smartphones would have been in use some time the 1900s and not arriving just today. Internet would have been present long before that as well. Sadly, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts the whole ...

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Ways to Make Sure Your Online Forms Are Converting Leads

Photo Credit: Flickr/Curationpics

You probably haven’t thought about them much, and no one would blame you. But online forms are seriously crucial the success of many businesses. And if you’ve ignore yours, you may be ignoring chances to convert leads, collect valuable feedback, or even process payments. 1) “Submit” buttons aren’t effective. When’s the last time you were dying to click a “submit” ...

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Business Development Practices at the Hottest New Startups


Quitting your cushy corporate job and embarking on a new venture rooted in an untested idea is risky. Yet, we see write-ups on successful new companies appear in Business Insider every week. With more and more millennials riding the wave of innovation and creation, the time to take a chance in business is now. However, not all startups are created ...

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4 Business Pitfalls That Indicate You Should Higher an Analyst


Largely due to the fact that it is a complex role with a lengthy formal definition, the role of business analyst tends to be poorly understood. Basically, a business analyst is a liaison between the IT department and their internal customers.  In other words, they are the individual who understands enough about IT and enough about the rest of the business ...

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How are Marketers Organizing Their Data to Facilitate Attribution?

Photo Credit: Flickr/Steve Tron

Cross-platform attribution is the process of allocating credit to a market driven interaction or brand touch-point. No one can doubt the importance of attribution to marketers but when it comes to pursuing and implementation, majority of us fall short. This was according to the recent eMarketer report dubbed “Cross-Platform Attribution 2015: Device Identification, Big Data Pose Continued Challenges.” What are ...

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Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Photo Credit: Flickr/Lloyd Chapman

If you want to achieve better sales for your business and grow your marketing base, you need to invest in a great marketing strategy. Marketing is one of the most important branches of your business after finance. You need finance to market and without marketing, you product will not sell and your business will not be able to sustain itself. ...

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CEOs and Time Management

Photo Credit: Flickr/Jérôme LAPORTE

CEOS all have a different perspective on how they manage their time. This may be due to the specifics of their duties. One thing is true for all CEOs, each day is full of meetings, communications, reports and management and think tank strategizing. When it comes down to minute-by-minute time management, CEOs watch clocks as if they were bank accounts ...

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