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4 Effortless Branding Tips

Creating an easily recognizable brand is important for any business, new or old. You want your customers and clients to see your logo, recognize your colors, and understand your tagline from the very beginning. A strong brand builds trust between customers and puts your company at the front of their mind when looking to make a purchase in your market. Without a ...

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Business Development Practices at the Hottest New Startups

Quitting your cushy corporate job and embarking on a new venture rooted in an untested idea is risky. Yet, we see write-ups on successful new companies appear in Business Insider every week. With more and more millennials riding the wave of innovation and creation, the time to take a chance in business is now. However, not all startups are created ...

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4 Business Pitfalls That Indicate You Should Higher an Analyst

Largely due to the fact that it is a complex role with a lengthy formal definition, the role of business analyst tends to be poorly understood. Basically, a business analyst is a liaison between the IT department and their internal customers.  In other words, they are the individual who understands enough about IT and enough about the rest of the business ...

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Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

If you want to achieve better sales for your business and grow your marketing base, you need to invest in a great marketing strategy. Marketing is one of the most important branches of your business after finance. You need finance to market and without marketing, you product will not sell and your business will not be able to sustain itself. ...

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CEOs and Time Management

CEOS all have a different perspective on how they manage their time. This may be due to the specifics of their duties. One thing is true for all CEOs, each day is full of meetings, communications, reports and management and think tank strategizing. When it comes down to minute-by-minute time management, CEOs watch clocks as if they were bank accounts ...

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How to Increase Sales Productivity for 2016

I recently met with Paul, the sales leader of a large technology firm, to try and increase the productivity he was getting out of his sales team. He had good people, but Paul’s sense is that they weren’t spending enough time interacting with customers. We asked Paul’s teams to catalog how they spent their time over the next few weeks ...

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Embracing the Insight Economy

Welcome to this new era—the era in which the rules we learned in the past two economic environments will need to be put aside and replaced with better ways to win. The bad news about this transition is that companies unwilling to evolve quickly will be unable to keep pace. But if you’re willing to change, then the world will ...

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Getting More Traffic plus Even More Conversions

Running a business is very difficult mainly because convincing people to make purchases is not all that simple. Some businesses do not want to you to buy but perform some action on their websites or social media accounts. The action that you make on these accounts gives the business the opportunity to grow. A social conversion is not all that ...

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4 Simple Tips to Consider When You Are Designing Your Company’s Logo

A business’ logo will tell a lot about that business. It is the kind of tool that every enterprise that wants to be successful must have. If you lack a business logo then you should stop and get one and then continue. The problem with working without a logo is that you are not going to do your branding properly. ...

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Pinpointing the Right Tone of Voice for Your Business

A business without a voice doesn’t stand a chance of remotely peeking out above the competition. A strong voice can put you as a leader in your industry, and the company that other businesses look towards to model their own business practices after. Distilled.net recommends a varied approach to developing your tone. The company values, personality, humor, storytelling and finally ...

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