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4 At-Home Business Start Up Ideas That Are Lucrative and Fulfilling

Working from home has several advantages, especially if one parent is working outside the home and the other parent wants to spend time with the kids while they are young. A home-based business allows you to have a schedule that works around the school activities, doctor’s appointments, errands and other events that take time in life. You don’t have to ...

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4 Summer Office Comfort Strategies Your Employees Will Thank You For

The summer months are often filled with employees taking vacations and perhaps being too warm in the office or other areas of the building so that they don’t want to get a lot of work done during the day. As a business owner, you need to think about the comfort of your employees so that they are productive. Talk to ...

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Software Development—Lessons Learned from One Entrepreneur

“We will never develop our own software; we are not a technology company!” I cannot count the number of times these words came out of my mouth during strategic discussions with my business partner. Half a decade later, we have developed a proprietary platform for onboarding interim executives and recently released a technology platform directly connecting business leaders with business ...

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Battling Engagement Woes: Strategies for Creating Data-Driven Content

The main goal of creating pages and blogging is to get more traffic to your site. If you have observed that you are getting less traffic than compared to what you hoped for, that can be a cause of your frustration. All your hard work may go in vain because of some lacking elements. The scarcity of good contents is ...

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16 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Social Media Sites They Use Most For Their Businesses

Social Media is a huge opportunity for businesses. Many argue that there has been no better time to start a business because of the direct-to-consumer relationship where entrepreneurs and business owners can reach their target clients and customers. For business owners often using marketing platforms like social media is the difference between success and failure. We asked some entrepreneurs  and ...

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Brand Mentions: A Way To Improve Your Popularity and Sales

You may have already built a great site, something new and exciting, and you are thinking that there’s no way people will ignore your product. Business people like you are making great things every day, but without doing the right thing for the product promotion, no one will come to know about the great product that you have. Brand mention ...

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Can Myers-Briggs Personality Type Really Help You As an Entrepreneur?

Future career of every person depends on their personality type. Myers Briggs is one of the most famous personality type studies, and almost every professional is assigned to one or more personality type. Myers Briggs also has played a major role in predicting the success of entrepreneurship too. Myers Briggs has about 16 different personality types, and in one way ...

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5 Tips for Running a Business as a Digital Nomad

The life of a digital nomad is coveted by many. Professionals with hefty resumes, fresh grads armed with fancy degrees and entrepreneurs all aspire to enjoy a life on the road. The charm of traveling and visiting foreign cultures aside, it is the freedom associated with working from anywhere that has attracted a vast majority of aspiring nomads. In addition ...

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Why Good Leaders Take Time to Gain Fresh Perspective

  The higher up you are in your organization, the more time you should spend working on your business, not working in your business. A functional manager, for example, like someone who manages a call center, can perhaps spend 95% of the day supervising subordinates, tracking calling activity, and handling the other day-to-day requirements of the job. That would leave ...

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How to do your Personal Taxes without Pain, Even if it’s Late

Every tax season, business owners and individuals must gather all their financial information and go through the process of filing their taxes. For those who choose to file their taxes on their own, even with the help of software, the process can become quite a pain. There is also the pressure to file on time, which can cause people to ...

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