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Conveniences For Small-Business Owners

You can’t come up with more hours in your day, but you can leverage the conveniences that optimize the time and energy you invest in it. Here’s a look at a few conveniences tailor-made for the busy life of a business owner. Swap your bank branch for your smartphone.  If you’re still driving to your bank’s branch or ATM to ...

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6 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Are Preparing for Super Bowl Sunday

While it’s not an official holiday, many people treat it as if it is. Super Bowl Sunday is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage a very popular event to promote their brand and their products and services. While it might be using social media, creating a motivational message or running a sale or campaign, it is clear that some ...

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Revamping Your Weekly Status Meetings For Success

Executive teams around the globe, in companies large and small, and spanning a variety of industries, are stuck in a routine of weekly status meetings. Whether to bring the CEO and executives up to speed on outstanding projects and priorities, or to get teams working cohesively as one, roughly 70 to 80 percent of status meetings are spent on just ...

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Tips to Leverage Your Social Media Marketing Thanks to Super Bowl

It’s already Wednesday and just 4 days left to the Big Game – the biggest sport and advertising event of the year, but also the hottest time in social media. If you want to leverage social media to increase the awareness of your brand, it’s high time you start. Based on my experience and on data from Sotrender social media ...

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How to Stay Abreast of Industry Trends

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse It’s been said that the only constant is change. Whether it’s because of technological advances or shifting ideals based on new discoveries, things can change drastically in a short amount of time. It’s important now more than ever to qualify yourself not only as an expert in your field, but as someone who possesses ...

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Women Just Raised the Bar. Big Time.

Mintigo recently conducted comprehensive gender study on companies with over 100 employees or over $50 million in revenue. Using predictive algorithms to gather data from all across the web, the technology analyzed millions of companies from across the United States. The results indicate that companies with over 1,000 employees should probably hire a female CEO. However, Women only make up ...

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18 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Instagram for Business

For entrepreneurs in first place, don’t rest. There’s an entrepreneur somewhere that’s gunning for the top spot. #competition A photo posted by CEO Blog Nation : I am CEO (@ceoblognation) on Nov 1, 2014 at 7:48pm PDT Social Media is here and it is not going anywhere. Many brands focus on specific social media sites because of the type of ...

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20 Entrepreneurs Give Advice on How to Run a Successful Business

Having and running a successful business is the goal of entrepreneurs and business owners. While success is often a relative term, we know that entrepreneurs start their business with a specific goal and a vision and it is when they reach that goal that they are “successful”. It could be $1M in gross revenue or donating to charity but each ...

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The Consecrated and the Commonplace: The Power of a Faith-Based Business

Perhaps the greatest achievement is the intersection of the consecrated with the commonplace, the mutual compatibility between faith and science for the good of all of humanity. As a matter of business success, this union is often a niche category: Picture various religious tracts by ministers and clergymen, which try to apply Biblical principles to things like leadership or improved ...

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When Setting Goals, Smaller is Better

The new year brings lofty ambitions to improve on last year’s results. But don’t set the bar too high. In more than 30 years of helping companies improve their performance, I’ve found two interesting contradictions:  Stretch goals often sap motivation, while smaller goals bring greater improvement. Why these counterintuitive findings?  Stretch goals are based on misconceptions that managers have to ...

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