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What Your Personal Relationships Can Teach You About Business

It’s almost impossible to have two personalities: one for your personal life and one for business. In fact, contrary to conventional wisdom, it’s not even wise to. People want authentic leaders. They want genuine salespeople. So as you develop your interpersonal business skills, why not try to create links to your personal relationships, your friendships and even your love life ...

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How to Improve Productivity and Efficiency during Tax Season

Unless you are in the accounting field, the chances are good that this March you’ll be struggling alongside millions of other business leaders who are rushing to file their 2014 taxes on time. This can be a time of great panic as you or your finance team rush to get documentation together in order to meet tight deadlines. Besides late ...

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Is Cash Flow Killing Your Business?

Maintaining cash flow is an exhausting part of a small business CEO’s job. Consistent cash is elusive and stressful, with your business relying on the whims of the economy, vendors, customers, suppliers, employees and of course the bank. It’s a uniquely challenging time in business, with three trends in particular shaping the cash flow strategies of small business today. Surviving ...

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When to Stop Selling: Why Sales Sometimes Need to Take a Backseat for a Company to Grow

Sell, sell, sell. Companies across the spectrum from late stage startups to midsized and large businesses alike are always looking to grow their revenue stream. Far too often, this comes at a steep price, which gets paid in the form of weakening internal processes. The most successful leaders are able to balance the times when growth is at the forefront ...

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The Most Common Legal Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs & How to Avoid Them

When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs focus on three things: product development, funding, and marketing. After all, these are what make the business—what drive it forward and allow it to grow into the next great success. When you are sure you have the next big idea, it’s hard not to just jump right in. However, in today’s legal landscape, ...

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7 Ways an Apprentice Can Help Your Business Grow

Apprenticeship jobs are usually work-based training and education programmes for individuals of all age groups. You can find over two hundred and fifty types of apprenticeship programmes readily available, across a selection of market sectors and companies. If you would like enthusiastic talent that you could train and develop for your organisation, then the solution is to hire an apprentice. ...

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7 Tips On How To Deal With Unhappy Customers

It can be difficult when you have to address unhappy customers regarding your business.  Some people can be very hard to please which can cause problems for any business owner. As a result, here are 7 tips on how to work effectively with people who give you a hard time. 1. Protect Your Interests The most important thing is to get everything in ...

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Tips on Making Your Small Business a Success

There are three key elements of a successful small business Stay Focused: When you are starting a small business, no company can be everything to everyone; stay focused. Remember that Google launched as a simple search engine and a four-star Italian restaurant may open its doors serving only pizza. Carve and perfect your niche, and then expand from there Keep It Simple: Small businesses ...

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Revival of the Mind and Body: The Value of Compassionate Care and Personalized Service

If there is one thing every business should embrace, which is also a rule every executive should follow, it is this: Personalize the services you provide, with compassion and wisdom, so your supporters can be the beneficiaries of your leadership and the champions of your respective organization. Nowhere is that principle more important, because the stakes (both psychological and physical) ...

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A CEO’s Secret to Inspiring Productivity: Collaboration, Not Fear

Old-school motivation techniques primarily revolved around fear. We may not have called it “fear,” but rest assured that’s what it was. Knowing your boss was in the next room or could walk by at any moment kept employees on their toes. In fact, I’d bet most of us have worked for someone at a point in our careers who had ...

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