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Inventor of Goal Science Weighs In: Motivating Employees to Meet Goals in 2015

“New Year’s resolutions”– in and outside of the workplace — are the buzzwords of January every year. So how can CEOs and managers capitalize on employees’ willingness to make positive changes in the workplace? There is a way to align workplace motivation and goal achievement, and it starts from the top down. As I emerge myself in Goal Science, it’s ...

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Tips to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is hard work.  The hours are long, and the risk is high. When my partners and I decided to start Budget Blinds, I knew it would not be easy.  But what I knew for certain was our franchise concept was the best on the market.  Simple, low overhead, with a good foundation and a successful process to ...

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Face Fear and Make Your Business Dream a Reality

We start each New Year armed with resolutions, plans and objectives. But somehow, those well-intentioned plans fail to be fulfilled. Why? Could fear be blocking your path to success? Fear can be an extremely debilitating emotion. It can quite literally stop you in your tracks. Fear is a product of our mind. It’s a thought, an idea, which makes it hard to escape. Perhaps, ...

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20 Entrepreneurs Explain The 1st Thing You Need When Starting a Business

It is easy to look back and say “I wish I could do that differently.” Entrepreneurs and business owners look back at the start of their business and know the reasons that they were able to start a successful business. It may have been a business plan, financing or a pep talk from a mentor.  Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneurs and business ...

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5 Best Ways to Avoid Spending Mistakes

Starting and running your own business can be very rewarding. However, in order to achieve success, and reap the benefits, you have to set goals and try to avoid as many mistakes as you can. Most importantly, in order to be a great entrepreneur, you have to make sure you’re spending wisely. More often than not, money will be tight ...

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Is a “Good Work Ethic” Different for Millennials, Gen X’ers and Boomers?

Recently, I was asked to conduct some training for a national telecom company regarding conflicts arising from generational differences within one of their regional centers.  As we explored together the challenges they were facing, two issues became clear. First, not all differences cited as “generational” are actually based in the generation of the employees.  In actuality, many of the issues ...

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Six Simple Ways to Streamline the Workplace

An organization’s success is dependent upon its workplace running smoothly. With office resources often being limited or stretched, both financially and operationally, business leaders and their staff frequently find themselves being pushed to their limits trying to keep up with daily demands. To combat this, you can easily find numerous articles talking about how to maximize efficiency at work but ...

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App, App and Away

A fisherman will have more success if he casts a wide net. You, like the fisherman, are hoping to haul in an impressive catch, and the only way to do that is with a wider approach. So how do you take a swing at a larger audience? This used to be a difficult problem to solve. Fortunately, we have technology ...

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14 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Pinterest for Business

Social Media is here and it is not going anywhere. Many brands focus on specific social media sites because of the type of updates they can make or the activity level of their target market. Pinterest is no different and the social media site that is mostly used by women (that’s changing) is used for “pinning” and collecting many things for entrepreneurs ...

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Why Most Employees Aren’t Ready To Be Entrepreneurs

The 21st century has been and still continues to be the era for the entrepreneur. There is no better time to be an entrepreneur than now. Startups are getting funding from venture capitalists. Crowdfunding has made it much easier for anyone to raise money for their project. Incubators are popping up all over the country, which gives aspiring entrepreneurs access ...

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