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Featured Post: Outfitting Expensive Offices on a Tight Budget

San Diego is a great place to do business, the number of big and small companies that are flocking to the city to set up shop should be evidence of that. This city is quickly joining the ranks of bigger cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles for startup and entrepreneurial success. CEOs are choosing to relocate their companies ...

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How Business Owner and Entrepreneur Motivate Employees [Infographic]

In Lance Trebesch’s June 15 Blog, we all learned all about how NOT to Inspire a Startup. However, while it’s great to know what to avoid, sometimes it’s good to have a plan of action too. The key, as Lance suggested, is motivation. But these days, there are so many opinions and techniques out there that it becomes hard to know ...

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How Employers Can Help Employees Stretch A Holiday Paycheck

Employers: Give your employees a gift they’ll use over and over again – the know-how to stretch a holiday paycheck As the holidays approach, a recurring subject seems to come up each year. How am I going to buy all the extra stuff I need to buy for the holidays, when I live from paycheck to paycheck as it is? Unfortunately, ...

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How Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Use Their Phone for Business

Owning a business is not what it used to be. Today, entrepreneurs and business owners are leveraging technology to become more effective and efficient in their ventures. There are apps to invoice, process payments, make phone calls, update to social media and even save files. Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneurs how they were using their smart phones for their businesses. ...

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The Currency of Leadership: The Bitcoin Revolution and Smart Business Opportunities

As a digital marketer with an interest in the transformational power of the Web, its ability to transcend borders, politics (to initiate mass reform), economics, cultures and nationalities, I believe it is fitting that such a world – one of reality, not utopian promises or dreams – should have its own secure, credible and popular brand of currency. I refer, ...

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How Can Payroll Software Help You Save Money?

Payroll software provides what you need to manage your company payroll. And even if you go with paid software, when you take everything into consideration, you can save no small amount of money in comparison to outsourcing.  Payroll software can help you save money in a number of key ways, and this guide offers a detailed explanation of all of ...

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3 Tips for How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Organized

From early stage startups to established SMBs, running a business means juggling projects and keeping everything on track. This compiled list of advice for entrepreneurs on business organization strategies useful tools to help every employee organize their thoughts and perform better at work. Tip #1 – Use Project management/ERP software to plan for resources and expenses: While brainstorming sessions and ...

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6 Tools to Make Life Easier for Small Business Owners

There are a few basic essential tools that you should already have as a small business owner. An online e-mail marketing tool, like MailChimp. High-speed Internet – or even better, fiber-optic Internet – so you don’t have to hassle with delays and buffering. Personal cloud storage, like Dropbox. But don’t you wish there was one tool that could do it ...

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Should Your Business Cloud Commute?

Think about this. There’s a growing amount of workers in this country trading in the bumper-to-bumper traffic of their commute, the bad company coffee and annoying impromptu meetings – for their home offices. According to Flexjobs.com, the number of workers who telecommute has increased by over 60% since 2005. Flexible work schedules have risen in popularity as well, with over ...

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Why Your Business Should Be On Pinterest

In early November, Business Insider reported that Pinterest is now the fastest growing social media platform for content sharing; now, if you had told me this when my sister first nagged me into looking at her page a few years back, I would have laughed. She’s a heavy duty crafter and seamstress extraordinaire, and I was definitely skeptical as quilting ...

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