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The Importance of Well-Executed Promotion

Winning people’s attention and carving out your distinct position in this noisy, ever-changing, and competitive marketplace requires single-minded dedication. With so many businesses attempting to capture customers you should have, you can’t just sit and wait for people to beat a path to your door, even with a brilliant promise of outcome if they engage. Buyers can’t inquire if they ...

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Tips on How to Succeed When Working with Your Grown-up Kids

Linda Collinson is no stranger to entrepreneurial success and the risks needed to succeed. In the ’80s, she developed a natural skincare line, LaCrista Natural Skincare, from her kitchen table. The small operation expanded, and by the ’90s her products were being sold in Walmart, Whole Foods, Giant Foods and other stores across the Mid-Atlantic and beyond, including China! When ...

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Your Brand is More Than an Image

Customers have changed how they decide with whom to do business. They are eagerly seeking out businesses of conviction and purpose. Customers want a business that believes so strongly in what it can provide that it’s willing to make a clear, buyer-centric promise of outcome — up front, unconditional, and unqualified. Make no mistake, this is not the typical brand ...

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Are You Offering What People Are Buying?

It doesn’t matter that your business or practice has a great name, or that your products and services are unusual or one-of-a-kind. Getting heard and accepted in this noisy, crowded, ever-changing marketplace has never been harder. Buyers today are cautious, skeptical, and solution-driven as never before. They have been burned by the market, misled by politicians, and pushed into a ...

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Trade Secrets to Game-Changing Innovation

By now you’re well aware that one of the greatest mandates for staying in business is innovation.  You may have done it once by offering a unique service or product to an underserved market, but once isn’t enough in today’s entrepreneurial age.  The notion of constant innovation needs to be a part of your company’s DNA. Darwin knew this about ...

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How Customers Can Help Promote Your Brand

It can be argued that customers are the most important part of any business. Without customers, there is no business. You could have the most amazing product ever created with the finest business model around but without customers that product is sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Customers are what drive a product and the innovation of a company. More ...

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Don’t Be Different If You Want More Business

Too many businesses think they are distinct because they see themselves as different. Here’s why these businesses have to revise their thinking: First and foremost, how a business sees itself or wants to be seen is irrelevant. It’s the customer’s perspective of how they see it that matters. Second, and just as important, being different is not the same as ...

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Making Way for Millennials in the Workplace

How important is it to understand Millennials? Does the future of your job or your organization depend on it? If you ask those closely associated with the exit of George Zimmer, founder and executive chairman of Men’s Wearhouse, they’ll tell you, very much so! It was reported that his swift departure was due, in part, to his inability to connect ...

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Advice on Designing a Unique and Memorable Business Card

One small, important part of any business is the business card. In these modern times of being online-everything, having a business card is a useful way of setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Your customer will have a physical representation of your business in their hand. Pinning it to their fridge, putting it in their wallet and ...

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Employee Disengagement: There is a Solution

Survey after survey concludes that a high percentage of the workforce is disengaged. Take, for instance, a recent Gallup report on the “State of the American Workplace” that suggests only 30 percent of workers are engaged, while the rest are not engaged or actively disengaged. Although the topic seems to have gained more traction lately, employee engagement is not a ...

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