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What Are Your Best Tips for Bootstrapping?

Entrepreneurs and business owners are being more creative with their budgets. Now more than in more recent years entrepreneurs have had to stretch their dollars to ensure they get the most return on their investments. A few entrepreneurs and business owners shared their best tips for bootstrapping ventures. Be Passionate, The Cloud & Ask Questions (1) “Make sure you are ...

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HR Must-Haves for Growing Startups

What does it take to grow a company from start-up to small business? Growing a business isn’t simple, and from an HR perspective, there’s a lot of work to be done. Here are five must-haves they identified to take your business to the next level. Related Post via Teach A CEO: Finding the Right Candidate in an Organized, Efficient Way ...

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Take A Leap Towards The Best You: Book Review – Your Best Just Got Better

Book Your Best Just Got Better – Work Smarter. Think Bigger. Make More Author Biography Jason W. Womack is the CEO and founder of the Jason Womack Company which provides customized training on workplace performance. As an executive coach, he shows clients–managers, employees, and entrepreneurs–how to work smart, think big, and make more. Coaching hundreds of individuals and traveling extensively, Jason has facilitated ...

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Creative Thinkering (Book Review)

TITLE: Creative Thinkering; Putting Your Imagination to Work Author: Michael Michalko Pages: 232   NOTABLE QUOTES “Our attitudes influence our behavior, but our behavior also influences our attitude” “Don’t be the person who sees the sun as a yellow spot in the sky, be the person who sees a yellow spot on a grimy sidewalk as the sun” “The swirling ...

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Best Gift For This Holiday Season (Ask)

December is the last month of the year, and it is usually filled with the holiday spirit and people giving and receiving gifts and presents. But for those shopping for entrepreneurs and business owners it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what is the best gift to get. We want to know what is the best gift to get ...

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New Entrepreneurs Remember This (Ask)

Starting a new business can be extremely exciting step for entrepreneurs, but often there is so much literature and information out there it becomes difficult to have know what exactly is the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur or business owner. What are the most important things (maximum 3) that entrepreneurs should remember when starting a new venture? Featured ...

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51 Fatal Business Errors And How To Avoid Them (Book Review)

Title: The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them Author: Jim Muehlhausen Pages: 186 NOTABLE QUOTES “If you hire ‘experienced’ people, you’re hiring your competitor’s rejects” “Business is no place for a democracy; I advocate CEO’s run their business as a benevolent dictator rather than a democracy” “Many entrepreneurs confuse ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’” SUMMARY Mr. Muehlhausen writes succinctly ...

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Testing Out New Products & Services (Ask)

The best way to test your new products out is to partner with a blogger or industry writer and offer to have them send out a special e-mail to their subscribers offering them a great deal on your new product. Entrepreneurs come up with new ideas, products and services nearly every day, but it is sometimes hard to get an ...

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Thanks for Killing Our Local Economy, Scrooge

Is it bad for my local economy if I outsource work? Am I as bad as those huge companies everyone seems to hate right now? When I began my own adventure in small business outsourcing, I couldn’t shake the worry of sending work overseas for cheap when I knew plenty of people in Detroit who were looking for work. So…? ...

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Is Your Business Growing? (Growth or Bust: Book Review)

Twitter Review: If your business isn’t growing, @MarkFaustSr provides some “seeds” and nurturing so your business can start. Book: Growth or Bust: Proven Turnaround Strategies to Grow Your Business Author: Mark Faust Pages: 222 pages Twitter Review: If your business isn’t booming, @MarkFaustSr provides some “seeds” and nurturing so that your business can start. Review: Some businesses grow, but most don’t.  Talking to any entrepreneur or ...

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