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Leadership with Compassion: Addressing and Healing a Serious Challenge

For CEOs and executives of all interests, professional success depends on the strength and vitality of a robust workforce. These men and women are the agents of change, but many of them face a serious challenge, which undermines their health, weakens their emotional resolve and remains an office secret: Addiction to drugs and alcohol, worsened by fear of sudden job ...

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The Power of Presentation: When Style Is Substance

One of the chief responsibilities for a CEO involves the number and quality of presentations he or she makes, before fellow employees, prospective partners, existing colleagues and consumers in general. The challenge these executives face is not one of knowledge – they possess a thorough understanding of their respective industries, in complex fields like corporate finance, investment banking, manufacturing, health ...

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Two Tales of Global Financial Significance and the Necessity of Clear Communications

December 23rd marks the centennial of one of the most financially powerful, political divisive and controversial institutions in American history: The birth of the Federal Reserve System, signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, and the beginning of an ongoing debate about the organization’s opaque origins, constitutional authority, global influence, effectiveness and centralized authority. But the Fed is also a ...

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Communicating Complexity without Complicating Communications: A Snapshot of the World of Finance

Communicating complex matters of finance, investing, portfolio analysis and debt is an exercise in education: Everything hinges on the ability of an organization to convey all manner of issues within the securities industry – compliance, regulatory guidelines, initial public offerings, disclosure agreements and transparency in general – with maximum clarity. This concept of the fund-manager-as-teacher is a critical assignment, particularly ...

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Tips for Busy Business Executives and Entrepreneurs to Stay Healthy

Entrepreneurs and business owners are always on the run. These tips from Sherri Sue Fisher, author of the book Timer™DIET provides tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to stay healthy. Always start out with a breakfast that is made of dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Something with an egg is great. This can be made at home or bought on the ...

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The Best Ways for Attracting Customers to Your Mobile Website

Mobile users are everywhere. You can’t go out into public now without seeing someone walking and texting on their phone, talking, or browsing the web to look for information. Sides are split on whether this new lifestyle is a healthy one, but in the context of business it can be seen as a positive. Having the ability to reach a ...

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Raw in Spirit and Refined in Practice: Celebrating Your Most Dedicated Consumers

If there is a universal lesson for all companies, it should be a reminder about humility and respect: That success has many authors, but sustained prosperity is the result of the dedication, loyalty and passion of a core group of supporters – the people who birth a brand through their own word-of-mouth marketing – and transform a business into a national ...

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Immediate Health Care Reform: Simple Innovations with Substantial Returns

In the midst of debates concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and attempts to improve the functionality of the website (www.HealthCare.Gov) for the Health Insurance Marketplace, there is another way to reform the medical industry and achieve immediate savings for health care providers and consumers. This solution, which is also a metaphor for streamlining operations and improving communications between companies ...

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Preparing for a Software License Audit

For those anticipating a software license audit in the next year or so, the constant worry is certainly that the number of licenses purchased will deviate from the number of software applications actually used. Without a solid overview of the relation between purchased licenses and those actually being used, an organization runs the risk of incurring a substantial fine from ...

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The Insurance of Marketing: The One Policy Every Executive Needs

As the news headlines confirm, and as the national conversation within the realms of social media further attests, insurance – specifically, health insurance – is a topic of contentious debate. The confusion, partisanship and economic stakes are part of a huge maelstrom of unforeseen chaos, in which brokers and insurance vendors must not only weather this proverbial storm; they must ...

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