Cloud Surfing: Your First-Class Guide to Streaming Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic is courtesy of  Streaming services are quickly outpacing traditional media sales and are becoming the primary source of entertainment in households worldwide. With hundreds of streaming audio and video services available on television, computers and mobile devices, it is easy to get tangled in the web of features. While most options are similar in functionality, a few ...

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Litigation Funding: Why the Criticism?

Litigation funding has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, with many large corporations questioning its relevance. Generally, third-party funding companies will cover all the expenses of the case, and if it’s successful, they will take a percentage of the financial outcome. If the case is unsuccessful, the business will walk away from the case, safe in the knowledge that they ...

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How Women Can Level the Playing Field in Business

The idea of men being better equipped for the business world has been up for debate for years now. With more women coming into positions of power within large companies, the news runs rampant with stories about whether or not these women can compete on the same level as their male counterparts. As big a leap as women in business ...

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Improving Office Culture with the Right Technology

Guest post courtesy of: Megan Webb-Morgan —- Office culture is defined as the philosophy, values, and behavior that together constitutes the unique style and policies of a company. Your company culture can be a positive element of your business that encourages productivity and employee satisfaction. However, it can also have the opposite effect: draining your employees of energy and enthusiasm. ...

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Preparing for the Key Employee Departure: Best Practices for Protecting your Critical Information and Relationships

None of us like to plan for unpleasant events in the future. That human tendency is evident in the number of individuals who are totally unprepared for the loss of a loved one, a natural disaster or the end of a marriage. From a business perspective, this comes up frequently with respect to departing employees. Employers sometimes delude themselves into ...

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Entrepreneurs Elect the Business Leader They Most Admire

Most entrepreneurs have a business leader they look up to. Someone they learn from and emulate their business practices after. Or it could be a business leader with a product that is heads above the rest. No matter the reason, having a business owner to look up to is a common practice. Just as athletes have professionals to look up ...

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My Choice Not to be a Shark

I know literature better than I do business. For those I’ve spoken with on CEO Blog Nation, a lot of you have inquired as to whether I am a business woman or something else. My studies in college were focused solely on creative writing, British literature, and reading some pretty amazing writing. So what does a girl with an English ...

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5 Qualities of a Powerful Logo

Guest post courtesy of: Bill Weber —- Getting the right logo for your company is like getting dressed for an important event.  Do you wear something off the rack at Wal-Mart, or do you wear one-of-a-kind couture?  Do you wear something loud and attention grabbing, or something muted and strong?  Do you get “tarted up” with flashy accessories, or do ...

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Entrepreneurs Reveal Tips on Jumping Ahead of Your Competition in the Battle of Business

No matter where an entrepreneur turns there will be competition. There will always be another business trying to hone in on your product or lure some of your clients over to their team. They might have loyalty programs or better sales than you. So what do you do to bring clients back over to your side? While you may have ...

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Getting Your Teen Started with Entrepreneurship

Today’s rockstars are the entrepreneurs. Teens look up to the Mark Zuckerbergs, Steve Jobs and Richard Bransons of the world because its entrepreneurs are shaping the world of the future. In this volatile economy, entrepreneurship is a huge asset for your teen. I started my first company in high school at age 15. The company sold a coupon subscription to ...

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