You’re in Competition With Everyone – Surprise!

The equality for women in business is a major issue. I used to be more inclined to follow it during college when I thought I would be a great feminist who could change how corporate America runs. Where I’m from, at least, I realized there actually wasn’t that much inequality in the jobs I had or the places I went. ...

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Entrepreneurs Offer Advice on When You Should Be Doing Business Internationally

Would you like to provide an answer to our weekly questions? Sign up for our newsletter to get the questions delivered each week to your inbox. —- So, you have your business up and running. You may have clients around you area and perhaps even some from different states. But once your business becomes more profitable and steady it makes ...

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Lawyer Changes Direction and Creates Unique Knitwear Line

There are times when a job becomes less and less a passion. The enjoyment fades and the work you do simply becomes a job and nothing more. Of course, when given the option of quitting or continuing on with a job in this unstable economy, most would stick with the job rather than find themselves out grasping at straws. But ...

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Entrepreneurs Pick the Top Countries to Conduct Business In

Would you like to provide an answer to our weekly questions? Sign up for our newsletter to get the questions delivered each week to your inbox. —- In the world of business each country has something to offer. The ideals of their leaders, people or politics can be put aside when you’re speaking with the client and trying to come ...

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6 Principles that 10 Years Of Kung Fu Taught Me About Business

Guest post courtesy of Nick Psaila —- You know there are certain moments in life that change the coarse of it and generally they are one’s that come from places where you tell yourself “I just can’t go on like this I need to change” be it relationship breakups, financial loss, grief in death and so on. In my case ...

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The Story of Pill3r and How They Partner with Non-profits

Guest post courtesy of Joseph Passi —- My partner and I started Pill3r (pronounced “Pillar”) almost a year ago. Our goal starting out was to create a company that made a difference in people lives. Our motto is; “Products of Impact.” Each product we sell makes a tangible impact in someone’s life. Through Pill3r we launch different projects and products ...

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Information from an International Businessman

Guest post courtesy of Lam Woon Cherk —- A Little About My Business I run a small Malaysia-based web design firm which creates website for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Although based in Malaysia, more than 90% of my clients are international clients coming from countries such as United States, Australia, Norway, United Kingdom, Turkey, Nigeria and etc. The current ...

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How to Successfully Recruit and Hire New Employees When You Don’t Have an H.R. Department

Guest post courtesy of Leslye Schumacher —- All new businesses, at some point, will be faced with the challenge of needing to hire additional employees.  But, if you don’t have an H.R. department, how can you set up a process that will be streamlined and cost effective?  I’ve outlined below the process I use to recruit, interview, and hire new ...

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Life on the Run – Best Business Apps to Help the Mobile Entrepreneur

Apps are everywhere these days. There’s an App to remind you to take your food out of the oven, an App to teach you how to marinade chicken and a bounty of other Apps ranging from the constructive to the launching-birds-into-structures variety. Although Angry Birds might be good for passing the time during a boring business meeting or a quick ...

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Exercises to Stay Fit and Healthy at Work

Guest Post courtesy of Jason Smith —- Are you constantly feeling tired, stressed, and unfit? Many of us lead lives that comprise of a forty to fifty hour work week, which takes up approximately 50% of our waking hours. If we aren’t determined to make healthy life changes where possible, we may be setting ourselves up for unwanted health issues. ...

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