Experienced Marketing Warriors and Entrepreneurs Give Tips on How They Make a Dent

Any business owner knows that resting on your laurels isn’t an option. Marketing your business is a constant and unending task for any entrepreneur trying to get both feet in the door. It would be far easier if marketing was a one way street. A business owner could pick up the ‘big book of marketing’ and follow each step to ...

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Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Divulge Their Best Sales Tips – Even Without the Secret Password

The arena of sales can be a tricky place if you’re a newcomer to the game. Knowing which advice to trust and which will give you a leg up in the market is what every entrepreneur is searching for. Of course, knowing your client and their needs is a huge focus for any sale, but there are also some extra ...

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18 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

The Inception It’s Saturday afternoon hanging out with the crew at the local watering hole and BOOM it comes to you like a bolt of lightning. You don’t know where this spark of genius came from just that it’s swirling around your head (like a flock of seagulls on a discarded bag of hot chips) You think to yourself “that’s ...

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Why Social Media Is A Big Factor For The Growth Of Your Business

Thinking of using social media for your business? Well, you should! A lot of businesses can benefit from the versatility of social media for creating awareness towards their brand and company. Let’s take accountants, for instance. Many accountants use social media for their business as a way to be present online where the like-minded linger. Social media can start and ...

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Your New Year’s Resolution will Expire this Week

Just as she had done every year for the past 15 years on December 31st, my wife asked me what my New Year’s resolution would be for the coming year. And just like every other year for the past 15 years, I explained that I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. Why not? Because statistics show that nearly all resolutions ...

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7 Tips on How to Find A Co-Founder for your Venture

When we come up with that bright idea to start a business, we all consider finding a business partner– someone to share in both the joys and turmoils of entrepreneurship.  Then we think a bit more, and we begin to contemplate who would  be compatible, and realize it becomes a much more severe consideration to business than we previously thought. Of course, you have so many ...

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Tips for the When’s and How’s of Incorporating Your Business

A business goes through many cycles and steps on its way to the top of the mountain. Any entrepreneur knows the changing tides of their business. Knowing when to step in a certain direction with your business is filled with stress and worry. Being unsure of when to pursue a certain goal is sometimes tricky if you’re going at it ...

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Four Free Ways to Generate New Business

You can still generate leads with a limited marketing budget. Many companies are “shoestring” businesses and in the start-up phase it is important to maximize ROI and obtain new business without investing a lot of money. Here are four affordable ways to generate leads: 1. Build your prospect list with a Value Offering. You want to capture the name and ...

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When is it Time to Franchise Your Business? [ANSWERS]

The point in which an entrepreneur reaches success is a huge milestone. After the stresses of creating, building, employing, and running your business, finally reaching a place of solid ground is something to be hugely proud of. Without resting on their laurels, an entrepreneur must also make some choices about their steady business. One choice is in whether to franchise ...

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How to Restart a Business [ANSWERS]

Sometimes a business owner finds their venture needs a little boost. It could be because the business has slowed to a crawl or they want to turn their business in a new direction. One of the ways to do so is to restart your business. Restarting a business can be nearly as consuming as beginning one. Knowing the steps it ...

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