How to Franchise Your Business Model Early On

The largest single point of failure for a new franchisor is to not sell the initial five units who start to validate the business model and brand.  This puts a significant amount of pressure on new franchise systems to get these initial units sold and as a result typically the failure rate is higher for early stage franchisees. These tips include: ...

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The Seven Pillars of Project Management

There’s always been a debate over whether project management training can produce great project managers, or whether great PMs are born rather than made. What is not debated though is that all great project managers follow a number of key principles laid down in one of several established project management methodologies. In the UK, PRINCE2 is amongst the most widely ...

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How to Get Your Business onto Amazon Alexa

The smart speaker is rapidly becoming a standard home appliance, with Amazon Alexa being the most successful platform today, and Google and Apple also competing in this space.  Voice requests are now taking such a significant share of the overall search space that this presents a powerful opportunity for your business. The makers of smart speakers have made their platforms ...

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Starting a Business? Avoid These 4 Costly Hiring Mistakes

Employees are the most important asset of every business. Whether it’s running your day-to-day operations, speaking to customers, or brainstorming growth ideas, you need skilled employees to take your company forward. Although it’s always hard to find good employees, when you’re starting out, it’s possible to make some rookie mistakes that can prove very costly in the future. Here are ...

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25 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Maintain Creativity

Creativity is the root of innovations we see around especially in technology. A business that cultivates creativity is bound to fit in the business world and also grow at a high rate. It can be a challenge to maintain creativity each day but there are various ways in which you do it succesfully. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners how ...

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Psychology of Color Can Boost Your Marketing

The Power of Color on Individuals & Marketing Color has a potent effect on people’s feelings and activities. You can influence your customer’s purchasing behavior and choices, to your company’s benefit, by the usage of the perfect color in your logo design, branding, and advertising campaigns. Science Proves that Color Sells Scientific research has found that 93 percent of customers ...

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14 Entrepreneurs Share Tips On Firing a Team Member

Many will attest that firing an employee or a contractor is one of the hardest decisions you can make in your company. One big challenge that you have to cope with is the emotional aspect that accompanies the process. The remaining team members may also not take it positively depending on how you execute the dismissal. So, when is the ...

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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Protect Against Personal Injury Lawsuits

It’s important for small business owners to take steps to protect against personal injury lawsuits. The following are five ways a small business owner can prevent accidents and injuries that often result in personal injury claims. 1) Make Sure to Buy Small Business Insurance When you are starting a small business or are expanding your current business, it is extremely ...

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Fulfill Your Dream of Becoming an Entrepreneur with a Small Business Loan

There is a word if you want to earn money, then at first, you have to invest the money in your business. It is true that there are lots of people who have a dream to be a successful businessman in their life. But the fact which gives you pain is the capital. From where will you get the money ...

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Account takeover: Protect your business from this emerging threat

  You may have heard that account takeover (ATO) is on the rise for all types of companies, from e-commerce merchants to SaaS businesses. The first step to protecting your business is understanding the problem. Let’s take a look at why ATO is growing. What is account takeover? ATO, also known as account compromise, is just what it sounds like: ...

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