6 Different Ways to Promote Your Business

If you would like to market your business so that you can reach a wide audience, then you need to take a look at the different options that are available to you. One of the best ways that you can connect with your target market is to use the different ways that people use to communicate with each other like ...

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How You Can Get A Phone App for Your Business

In all likelihood, you are part of the mobile revolution that has occurred over the past decade. Everywhere you go there are Smartphones such as Android, iPhones and the like that access the internet on a daily basis. In fact, millions of people are currently using the mobile devices to surf the web almost exclusively, meaning that your online business ...

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Today is Election Day, Read These 5 Articles

Today is election day, so you should make your voice heard and go out and vote. If you are still on the fence about who to vote for, check out these articles for entrepreneurs and business owners. Small Business Brace for Election Results(CNN/Money): The candidates have offered starkly differently visions for the nation’s future. Here’s how some entrepreneurs are preparing. Small Businesses Delay ...

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Getting the Debt-Stress Out of Your New Entrepreneurial Business

Here’s a startling fact:  44% of small business owners use credit card debt to fund their business expenses. And here’s another scary bit of data:  40% of middle-income and lower-middle income families—many of whom run small businesses—use credit cards to fund their daily needs.   (Stats:  creditcards.com.) So what does this kind of debt mean for the start-up entrepreneur? This is what it means:  stress, pressure and ...

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Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs [ANSWERS]

The age old question about whether entrepreneurs are born or made is as unsure as the question about whether the chicken or the egg came first. However, entrepreneurs and business owners are able to pinpoint specific characteristics that are evident in entrepreneurs and business owners. CEO Blog Nation and Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneur what they believed were the essential ...

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Spend Time with Your Customers to Stand Out

What is it that a customer wants most of all when they contact a business? Attention? Is it about the product? Could they have a problem?  Or maybe they have a question. Regardless of why, customers contact a business in order to be heard. It is the duty of a representative to deliver satisfaction, and that can only be achieved ...

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Happy Halloween – Form 1040 R.I.P

This 1040 Form is courtesy Landmark Tax Group just in time for Halloween. Check out the form here: Form 1040 R.I.P

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What is the Best State to be an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is alive and thriving across the world. With over 27+ Million small businesses across the world, there is certainly a culture of innovation that built the United States and the rest of the world. With companies like Google launching a program for entrepreneurs. Even places like Washington D.C. have a reason to celebrate entrepreneurs and business owners. CEO Blog ...

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What Entrepreneurs Can Do for Halloween

As an entrepreneur, you must possess a great desire to be successful and must always have an idea on how you can increase profit in your chosen market. There may be no specific requirements that you must follow before you begin engaging in business, but there are numbers of things that you can do in order for you to increase ...

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14 Phone Apps for Your Business [ANSWERS]

Business as usual is no longer business as usual. Things have changed and a lot of it has to do with the smartphone. According to mobiThinking, there are over one billion smartphones in use around the world. This means there are even more apps in the Play Store and the App Store and on these one billion devices. For entrepreneurs ...

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