12 Entrepreneurs Explain What Marketing Will Look Like in 2013

With the year coming to an end there are several things for entrepreneurs to consider. What steps they will take next year to manage the various aspects of their job, and what new business owners will watch for when working their way into the market. As with each passing year there are changes to strategy – namely marketing. What trends ...

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Starting a Business for Under $100 [ANSWERS]

For every entrepreneur beginning their business, the one major factor above all else to consider is money. The sheer amount of places and areas of your business where you can send the money is enough to overwhelm even the most steadfast of business leaders. One important notion to remember is the fact that you do not need a lot of ...

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Proudest Business Accomplishments [ANSWERS]

For every entrepreneur and business leader there is a moment when things just go right. Whether it’s getting their business off the ground or being awarded a prize for your hard work, accomplishments make all the effort and time worth it. The proudest moments may be something as simple as finding the ideal kind of paper to print your documents ...

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4 Things You Should Know To Boost Your Business

With very tough competition nowadays among online businesses, it follows that the demand for website development Melbourne is expected to increase.  A business that is internet based is dynamic and requires a lot of attention as well as patience to eventually get the desired results.  Unlike some offline promotions where one strategy can be applied and the results can be ...

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Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Explain How They Maintain Balance [ANSWERS]

Entrepreneurs and business owners wear a ton of hats. It might be providing customer service; it might be hiring employees or motivating staff. Perhaps it is pitching to a new client or simply mopping the floors. It is easy for entrepreneurs to overextend themselves or spend too much time on marketing and advertising when they should be focused on maintaining ...

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12 Steps to Start a Business for Under $100

As a shoestring business, we were able to successfully start our business with less than $100.  One of the advantages we had was being able to design our own website for free because that is what we do. But for those who are not web designers, here is how to start your business with only $100: Take some time to think about the purpose ...

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‘Tis the Season to Spruce Up Your Online Presence!

Why limit holiday decorating to your home?  As the mercury drops and the days grow short, why not dazzle customers with the digital equivalent of a string of twinkling lights?  Here are 10 easy ways to incorporate some festive flair into your digital presence this December. “Winterize” Your Homepage.  As the digital face of your business, your homepage is the ...

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Strengthening Protection for Your Ideas Through Overlapping IP

Most business owners are generally aware of intellectual property and the legal protections it affords to different aspects of their business. However, in my encounters with the business community I am often surprised that most businesses, especially small businesses and startups, are unaware of the power of overlapping IP to strengthen and enhance protection for their products and provide added ...

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Entrepreneurs Explain Future Marketing Trends [ANSWER]

Business owners should know that marketing is extremely important. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, text messages or direct mail, entrepreneurs and business owners should know it’s not just about building it and hoping they come, it’s about building it and telling everyone that you can that it’s there. Just as business as usual is no longer business as usual, marketing ...

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Various Types of Crates Used for Transportation

The term crate is used to describe a large box, usually constructed using lumber and plywood that are used to protect large and bulky items during transportation. Even though most crates are made from light wood, there are some that are also made from plastic and metal. Wood is the preferred medium for making crates these days because they are ...

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