What has been the best marketing advice you’ve ever received?

The good news: You have the best product to grace the earth.  The bad news: You’re the only one that knows it.  The advice build it and they will come sounds good but in reality you know that it takes a little more than that to bring in the customers. What has been your best marketing advice that you heard, ...

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Real Entrepreneurs Move From Imagination To Execution

An intense football match needs practice, self-determination and a positive spirit. Furthermore, in the football match, there are the spectators who sit in the grandstands. Perhaps they are cheering for a favorite team or have great admiration for a famous member. Some want to be a part of the game, and try to run eagerly on the field. In the ...

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The Big Business of Lemonade

Courtesy Verizon Wireless Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Entrepreneurship: Start Young

Why should you wait? If you have a great idea, run with it!

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The Busy Bouncing Ball

One recent afternoon my son was talking to me about his day at school. Amidst our conversation he was busy throwing a rubber ball that was attached to a cord and then to his arm via a Velcro wrist strap. We wrapped up our conversation and I sat there watching him for a few moments longer. He enjoyed simply throwing ...

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Your Health: Don't Subscribe to Charge Card Living

You might have seen the entrepreneur with the blood-shot eyes that answers every question with one, four-letter word: work. Person 1: Larry, how have you been? Entrepreneur: Work. Person 1: (puzzled look) Okay, but I haven’t seen you at the gym this past month, what have you been up to? Entrepreneur: Work. Person 2: (puzzled look) Hmmm. Larry, who do ...

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What Do You Need?

You are running a business and you’re getting frustrated and stressed.  You keep banging your head and then the magical words come out, I wish I had… There’s good news, the Rescue A CEO Genie has appeared and you are granted 3 wishes. Tell us what you’ll wish for and why.  The more creative (we all need finances and would love ...

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Rent ‘Em Spoons

In a day where people are always looking for the next big thing, Hearpreneur has found it.  Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Groupon, people eagerly await the next big announcement. Today is that day and the announcement is a new franchise that is quickly growing steam across the United States called Rent‘em Spoon. The store works like this: You ...

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I Can’t Afford A P.R. Campaign — Can I?

It’s a phrase I hear over and over again from many entrepreneurs, small businesses owners and inventors: “I’d love to hire someone to launch our publicity campaign professionally, but we can’t afford it, so I’m just going to have to do it on my own.” I’ve conducted an informal survey among entrepreneurs and business owners who have contacted me about ...

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What Are The Best Free Resources Around?

Let’s face it, the best costs is no cost or everyone’s favorite four letter word FREE.  Entrepreneurs try and bootstrap and keep costs low as best as possible, so it’s time to hear directly from entrepreneurs that have resources, products, or services that are the lowest costs possible FREE! Q: Entrepreneurs! What Are The Best Free Resources Around? 1. The ...

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