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Why Storytelling Matters For Entrepreneurs

The power of a story to communicate ideas or persuade a person to take action is through connection to heart and mind that drives the listener’s attention, which, according to studies into the way the human beings receive and processes information, is a scarce resource in the brain. “Scientists liken attention to a spotlight. We are only able to shine ...

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4 Unavoidable Ways Your Company Building Impacts Your Reputation

Reputation to a company is the most fundamental thing that determines its success. It takes effort and time to build, and is as well something that can be instantly lost. Consumers have a preference for a company that holds a good reputation in the market. It gives a company a chance to differentiate its products and services in highly competitive ...

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5 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts On Referral Groups, Is It Yay or Nay?

Referral groups are a proven way to expand your existing customer base. They are characterized by members commitment and highly-structured agendas which aim to maximise results in each meeting. Despite the benefits that come along with these groups, different people have diverse opinions about these groups. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners their thoughts on referral groups. #1- Yay, they’re ...

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8 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Live Video For Business

The use of live videos is gaining popularity over time and is a great way to connect with followers as well as grow your online presence. Examples of live videos are such as Facebook Live that facilitate real-time engagement with your audience. Majority of the businesses that use live streaming videos report increased customer loyalty as well as engagement. There ...

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A Well Organized Business Meeting Is Guarantee for Success

It is a meeting among various stakeholders of a business partnership that lays foundation for their future transactions. It gives every party a clear direction, allows them to establish achievable business goals, makes them aware of the important deliverables, and helps towards establishing long-lasting relationship among them. However, if the same business meeting wasn’t organized properly, all the plans, ambitions ...

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26 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Networking Tips

Networking is important for every business. It has various benefits such as helping find investors, build mutually benefitting relationships and helping establish new businesses. While some people find the art of networking as an insincere approach to meeting new people, there are few attributes and skills  that could help you master the art of networking with ease. We asked entrepreneurs ...

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Top Tips For Growing A “Do-Whatever-It-Takes” Mindset

Top Tips For Growing A “Do-Whatever-It-Takes” Mindset I came to this country at the age of nineteen with only $92 in my wallet.  I went on to become a top realtor and the founder of the largest business training company in North America.  To what do I owe my success? I believe I had what I call the “emigrant edge” ...

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Run A Delivery Service? 3 Emergency Essentials for Your Business Plan

Preparedness for emergencies is something most people overlook. Unfortunately, disasters hit when least expected, and this is a major inconvenience for entrepreneurs. In life, one moment may look great until something unexpected occurs and leave things in shambles. Hence, emergencies necessitate requires you to be prepared at all times. The delivery service sector is not different, and it experiences its ...

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5 Most Important Technologies for Information Security

With security technology vendors and cyberattackers constantly playing a game of cat and mouse, information security professionals have to make sure they are staying up-to-date with cybersecurity trends and products. Otherwise, they risk leaving their companies’ sensitive data at risk to hackers and other unauthorized third-party users. To make sure your information is safe, look into the following five critical ...

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5 Ways to Protect Your Company’s Data and Reputation

According to one recent study, 52 percent of business owners believe that their company will be hit with a successful cyber-attack within the next year. In addition to costing you money, a single security breach could devastate your company’s reputation and drive customers away. As a business owner, you should constantly be looking for new ways to protect your company’s ...

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