Learning How to Lead Those Who Are Different From You

Many developing leaders start out with the goal of making an army of workers and junior leaders who are like the clone armies from the last set of Star War movies – where every soldier looks and acts the same as the leader they were created to emulate.  Sounds cool, and boosts your ego, but it is not a very ...

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Tech Tax Incentives Can Offer Significant Savings

Tax season is in full swing as companies and individual taxpayers scramble to complete their federal and state returns. As companies contemplate their bottom line for the year, executives are looking for ways to get the most value from every asset. That’s where tax breaks come in: Business owners can use the money they save there to reinvest in their ...

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How Do CEOs Bring The Most Value?

Over the past 10-15 years, advancements in technology and the globalization of the world’s economies have changed the end game for many business organizations. As the leader of these organizations, CEOs are under tremendous pressure to stay nimble and flexible in a dynamic business environment where regulations and processes are continually changing. Of course, those individuals surrounding a CEO still ...

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6 Tips On Managing The Stress Of Making Business Decisions

It can be stressful when you have to make important decisions regarding your business and career. We all want to make the right decisions and this can create a lot of anxiety. As a result, here are six suggestions on how to manage the stress of making the right business decisions. 1. Get All The Information: Get all of the facts and necessary information ...

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Design and Data: The Essential Elements for Online Success

If there are two elements, which every business owner should have and every industry should possess, few are more essential than design and data. Or: If a company is to succeed online – if it seeks to make an impression with style and substance, through a combination of intelligence and analysis – then it must have a distinctive website, which gathers and mines data ...

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Leadership through Love, Not Bullying: A Lesson about Inspiring Your Colleagues

Of the many theories about leadership, including that skyscraper of hardcover books, case studies, academic texts, white papers and popular best sellers, few offer any valuable insight concerning a consistent, replicable rule about successful leadership. The cumulative effect of every purported secret to effective leadership, and the reason these shortcuts (which are almost always a dead-end to frustration and self-doubt) ...

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How to Find and Keep Top Talent with an Air Tight Hiring Strategy

Purging Fruitless Practices from Your Current Hiring Strategy When it’s time to fill a position, the hiring strategy for most companies is as follows: Step 1: Position Description Develop a position description. Step 2: Job Advertisement Write a job ad listing technical skills. Step 3: Match Experience Match the candidate’s experience to a semi-utopian view of the job. The sum ...

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5 Funding Options Available to Budding Entrepreneurs

Starting up a new business is an ambition that millions of us hold and a challenge that many thousands of us take on each year across the country. Stern tests will always await anyone who takes the plunge and strikes out under their own steam as a budding entrepreneur. The first hurdle though is a major one and it always ...

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How to Use Facebook in 2015 to Promote Yourself

The biggest thing to remember about Facebook is that people are not friending your blog. They’re friending, and “liking” you. The vast majority of people don’t view Facebook as a professional persona. Instead, they think of it as a simple mouthpiece to rave, rant, share, complain, or past the time. More than anything else, people look for sincerity. Create Two ...

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Checklist for Building Your Virtual Assistant Business in 2015

Let’s forget all the New Year, New You and all those resolutions you will never keep. Let’s get right into business and talk about what you need to do to grow your virtual assistant business in the New Year. Who’s ready? These tips will help you to not only maintain your current level of success, but also take your business ...

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