Generating Wealth Beyond Your Current “Job”

Virtually everyone has a desire within them that they would like to achieve greater wealth, but many doubt whether they have the ability to achieve that desire. In order to generate greater wealth, we must first acknowledge that we have the greatness within us to achieve this. Searching for greater wealth starts with this acknowledgement. Everyone is capable of achieving ...

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Why 5G Internet Will Help Your Business Go Global

2G, 3G and 4G: many of you will have lived through the proclamation of each of these mobile revolutions. Yet for every problem each has aimed to solve, more seem to have been created. As the capabilities of phones have improved, the growing demand for mobile data and coverage has always outpaced networks’ ability to cope with it. So why ...

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3 Things Every Startup Business Needs Out the Gate

Congratulations; you are about to launch your dream and a brand that represents your mission, goals and values. With the digital age and communication advancing so quickly, information is shared faster than ever, and a communication method has never been easier. This can be both good, and bad (only bad if you aren’t prepared) for your business. It is advantageous ...

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Altruistic Business: 4 Reasons Your Company Should Support Charity Efforts

If your business has been approached for involvement in a charitable event, you should seriously consider lending your support. Beyond the fact that charitable work is simply the right thing to do, it also can have a number of very substantial benefits for your company. Read on for some of the most compelling reasons why your company should support charity ...

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12 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on Franchising

In today’s business world, it may become necessary for businesses to establish a franchise so as to expand. The decision to franchise comes with different roles and benefits for the parties involved. To succeed in franchising, each business involved must deliver its promise of offering high-quality products to its consumers. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners to share their thoughts on ...

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Notable Security Checks: 3 Aspects To Consider The Next Time You Hire

Hiring is a sensitive time for any business or company. It just takes a single action of a careless employee to see your enterprise crumbling from within. Whether it’s from failure to protect sensitive business data that results in security breaches or inability to maintain positive relations with clientele and business partners, the wrong employee can stifle business growth and ...

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Everything You Should Know about Time Management Software for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Many of us frequently feel that we don’t waste time at all during office hours or at the workplace. In general, we come across a lot of people who say the same phrase “I was too busy.” But the fact is that we never ever actually count the number of working hours that we spent on those specific tasks. The ...

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12 Entrepreneurs Explain What Is The Right Price

When it comes to determining the right price for your products, several factors should be considered. You will want to eliminate costs that  result in setting the price too low while maximising your profit on sales for the products or services you offer. The right price is hence the most important decision you will have to make as a business ...

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The Benefits of Basing Your Business in a Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces are the innovative alternative to traditional offices and they’ve taken the commercial property market by storm. According to the 2017 DeskMag Survey, the amount of people renting a desk in a co-working space has risen by 41% since the beginning of last year – so what makes them so popular? For many entrepreneurs, the study or spare room ...

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CEOs of Home-Based Businesses Need More Than Homeowner’s Insurance to be Really Covered

Working from home can be incredibly satisfying. But did you know it may inadvertently put your entire business (and life) in a bind if you’re not adequately prepared? If you’re one of the 38 million CEOs running a home-based business, it’s imperative to know that your home insurance may not provide adequate protection for your business, no matter how small. ...

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