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Raw in Spirit and Refined in Practice: Celebrating Your Most Dedicated Consumers

If there is a universal lesson for all companies, it should be a reminder about humility and respect: That success has many authors, but sustained prosperity is the result of the dedication, loyalty and passion of a core group of supporters – the people who birth a brand through their own word-of-mouth marketing – and transform a business into a national ...

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Have It OUR Way: Giving Customers Control Will Dramatically Boost Your Business

Back in the 1950’s, leading rental car company Hertz marketed itself with the slogan: “Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat.” This catchphrase was a direct appeal to our natural desire for control, a theme that’s played out again and again in advertising. In 2010, for example, National Car Rental ran ads that showed how customers could register online, ...

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The Last Thing You Want is a Satisfied Customer

Just about every business claims that their customer service is a big reason to do business with them. From the customer’s perspective, however, good service is what they expect to get when they make a purchase in any industry or profession. Yes good or even excellent service may create satisfied customers, but in today’s competitive marketplace a customer who is merely satisfied is very ...

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