The Easiest Answer to Your Dream of “Writing and Publishing Your Own Book”

So what will be your reason? Mine was to have as the Ultimate Business Card. A book can build credibility for you and your business. (Of course you still have to perform as the expert they perceive).

You may write a book to provide information for seminars or classes you teach. Maybe you will write a “How To” book. Whatever is your reason, you can and should do it!

Now, How Do You Start?

One way is to work together with a group. My first book was compilation of eight successful business people from across the United States sharing ideas, meeting all over the place and basically people brainstorming – masterminding – and coming up with a current day twist on how to sell, market and succeed. Each person takes a couple of topics. One chose writing newsletters, another building websites and another about putting on client appreciation events.

The Next Step Is Simple…

Everyone is looking for a magic key. Rather than starting with a blank page, take something you know or something you’ve seen someone else try. Next, apply that to your business.

So you have writers block.

Don’t panic! Can you talk to a friend? Great! Grab your recorder or video camera. Record your calls or when you sit down and talk with someone. I know David, I know, but then I have to transcribe it and I don’t have a secretary or blah, blah, blah. You Don’t Need One! Sure it will take a load off your plate. But if you are just starting out (remember I told you I would give you something simple) you can get it transcribed for free. Get yourself a Google Voice phone number. It’s FREE and you’re going to love this! Next you call up your number. Play the recording into the phone. Google Voice will transcribe the voice recording. When it’s done you can cut and paste this into a Word Document (or Pages if you’re a MAC user). Surely you will take a little time to do a quick edit. Yes, these voice programs still have a few misspellings. Certainly you will agree this is much faster than you having to type out the whole thing.

Where Do I find the Title?

Too many people beat themselves up doing this first. Sure it’s great if you have the title when you start. Again, don’t worry. Many times your Best headlines and titles will be found in the text you have written. Read through and let others read it too. This is where the simple magic is found.

Back to- “Why Did I Write My Book?”

And how will you use the book? As a Real Estate Broker, I use mine in a Shock & Awe package. This answers my client’s question –“What will you do different than all the other brokers?”  They see that when I market their home it will different than anybody else they know. You may want to just tell everyone you are a published author. Maybe you will do seminars. Your book could be part of the class. Or as a workbook? Next, you could break down separate chapters to record on CD’s or make into Free Special Reports to give away. (this may entice them to want to buy your book if they want to know more).

What Should the Book Look Like and What Will It Cost…

These answers will come after you have decided how you will use your book. For a business card credential, you should consider something like a 5 ½ by 8 ½ inch bound book. The impression will be the look and feel of a real book. If you are using your book for training classes, then you might print it in a larger spiral book format. Either way you can have your book professionally printed for as little a $1.50 to $3.50 per book. The costs will vary with the number of pages and the quantity you purchase.

How Do You Market Your Book

Today there are many, many ways to market your book. If you have newsletter for your business or a hobby, start advertising your book before it is completed. This way you will get feedback and interest for new topics and chapters as you write. Do you use email?  Then advertise your book in the email signature. Put a quick commercial on your answer machine voicemail. Put it on your business card. Offer to be a speaker for local groups such as Rotary, Lions or Kiwanis clubs. With ALL of these make sure you tell them how the book will benefit them when they read it.

This guest post is courtesy of David Cathers he can be reached at [email protected]

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