Is Your Business Growing? (Growth or Bust: Book Review)

Twitter Review: If your business isn't growing, @MarkFaustSr provides some “seeds” and nurturing so your business can start.

Book: Growth or Bust: Proven Turnaround Strategies to Grow Your Business

Author: Mark Faust

Pages: 222 pages

Twitter Review: If your business isn't booming, @MarkFaustSr provides some “seeds” and nurturing so that your business can start.

Review: Some businesses grow, but most don't.  Talking to any entrepreneur or business owner, they would rather be in the former instead of the latter.  While this book appears targeted toward mid-sized or larger companies, the principles and secrets apply for all entrepreneurs.  As any book that deals with growth should do, a majority of the book concentrates on sales and marketing, but there are other sections devoted to being a “turnaround leader,” targeting, strategy and objectives.  Instead of a long drawn out book that explores the changing of company culture, Growth or Bust! gets to the point and explains strategies in a very methodical and almost scientific way providing tips and ideas for business owners.  Certainly, diagnosing the problems for businesses can sometimes be extremely complex and complicated, but Faust's book is a good place to start towards diagnosing problems for existing businesses and even providing traps that successful businesses might fall into.

7 Part of Building An Innovative Culture from Mark Faust

  1. Prioritize from the top down
  2. Clarify your innovation values
  3. Get all hands on deck
  4. Initially focus on quantity vs. quality
  5. Consistently communicate implementation and successes
  6. Give specific and universal rewards
  7. Make innovation a Möbius strip


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