Take A Leap Towards The Best You: Book Review – Your Best Just Got Better


Your Best Just Got Better – Work Smarter. Think Bigger. Make More

Author Biography

Jason W. Womack is the CEO and founder of the Jason Womack Company which provides customized training on workplace performance. As an executive coach, he shows clients–managers, employees, and entrepreneurs–how to work smart, think big, and make more. Coaching hundreds of individuals and traveling extensively, Jason has facilitated more than 1,200 Workplace Performance workshops.

Twitter Review

More than a book @jasonwomack ‘s book is like a living and breathing productivity coach and mentor in less than 300 pages.

Powerful Gems

“Setting realistic goals does not mean you should understate what you think is possible. Instead, direct your focus toward the experience of completion and give ample attention to the next milestone of achievement. Build a series of bridges as you continually reach toward experiencing more of your Ideal Days.” 

“An important aspect is that most sustainable changes people tend to make usually start small, are repeated with consistency, and often result in a payoff greater than anyone could have hoped.” 


“There are only 96 15-minute blocks of time in a single day, and there are just 168 hours in a week.” 

“Things are the way they are because of the way you think.” 

“If you're waiting until you have time to decide what you'll do when you have time, you'll always run behind.” 

“Use your mind to create new idea, develop old ones, and prioritize those you're contemplating right now.”


Jason Womack is an expert and coach that has worked with thousands of clients. His book Your Best Just Got Better is divided into three-parts: (1) Work Smarter (2) Think Bigger (3) Make More. As the introduction says, this book, “show you how to gain clarity, develop structure, and build momentum as the Architect of Your Experience.”  Part 1 explores and provides advice and systems on how to attack idea, projects and maximizing time. Part 2 explores the mind and Womack provides tools and techniques people use to become leaders and build their networks. Part 3 evaluates the end of a project, year or end of anything and  explores what exactly that means.

The Entrepreneurial Librarian's Take


This book is written as if Womack is coaching the reader. Womack does not use sugar-coated language. He says what we need to hear. Often books are filled with abstract language and complex equations, but Your Best Just Got Better is different. Womack takes the reader's hand and explore 3 different, yet similar aspects to improve you based on his over ten years of his experience. For those that continuously believe that the world has dealt them a bad “hand” or they just “can't win,” this book enables readers to take the reins of their life and produce “better.” Even if it is just 15-20 minutes, readers should visit Jason Womack's YouTube page and find out how to be even better than your best.


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