5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use the iPhone 5 for Their Business

Even those that have been living under a rock have heard about the iPhone 5 and its record breaking sales figures. Experts and pundits might argue that there aren't many major changes to the new iPhone (larger display), no one will disagree about its sales. Some would argue that the biggest announcements and changes are actually for iOS 6.  For those entrepreneurs and business that have pre-ordered a iPhone or camped out in lines here are 5 ways you can use the new iPhone 5 for your business.

1) Collect Payments

This isn't unique to the Apple iPhone 5 Your iPhone 5 can be used to collect payments from clients and customers. By using apps such as Square, Paypal or GoPayment to collect your payments.

2) View More Apps

With the larger display that comes with the iPhone, entrepreneurs and business owners will be able to view more apps on your phone screen. That means for those 100 apps that you use for directions, news, navigation, business card scanner, E reader, social media, and your addiction to Angry Birds will fit on less pages and be more accessible.

3) Turn-by-Turn Directions

With the update to iOS 6, your iPhone 5 will replace Google Maps with the iPhone's new app that provides turn-by-turn directions. It may not be as comprehensive as Google Maps, but it will improve and allow you to focus more on running your business.

4) A Personal Assistant

You've seen the Siri commercials and with the iPhone 5, entrepreneurs can get help from Siri to answer any questions, schedule meetings or even check the weather.

5) Photos & Videos

The iPhone 5 does include an improved camera that allows entrepreneurs to take pictures and shoot HD videos. For video chats with your team or shooting photos (e.g. panoramic) of an event your company has sponsored, you can use your iPhone 5.

Photo Credit: NDTV Gadgets


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