Your Email Address Thumps Your Social Media Profile for Online Marketing – Featured Post

You may be trying to manage your finances on holiday in order to spend more on optimizing the social media profile of your business, but do you really have to? You may have been so drenched in listening to stories about the power of social media for the last couple of years that you may have put your business e-mail address in your traditional marketing diary.

So being present on social media is the way to succeed in online marketing? Not quite. A study from Custora and other high-profile publications reveal that customer conversions through emails have increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years and social media is still far behind.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be present on social media, but you shouldn’t ignore your business email address, the best, under-utilized weapon in the marketing arsenal of most small business owners.

If you’re still uncertain about the power of your business email, here are few reasons why you should consider it more important than your social media business profile for online marketing:

1.  High level of customization

E-mails offer high-level of customization compared to social media profiles. You can write as much details as you want in the email body because there’s no word limit. On social media however, you may be restricted to a certain word count when creating advertisements for online marketing of your brand.

Emails can also be customized to include fancy widgets, infographics and other additions that automate themselves to appear along with every email you send. There are several companies and services that specialize in optimizing email addresses of small business CEOs.

You can also save money if you pay with a credit card that offers reward points. If you don’t have one, click here to see a list of best business credit cards with rewards shows several options available. The reason is that you earn reward points on most purchases, and those reward points can later be used to purchase other online marketing services free of cost.

2.  E-mail marketing is free and more targeted

Compare the cost of reaching 1000 people through Facebook ads to the cost of reaching 1000 people on email. In case of email, you don’t have to pay anything at all, but you have to pay for advertisements on most social media platforms.

Email marketing also allows you to reach the exact people that you’re targeting. Just enter Andy’s or Mary’s e-mail address and BAM–they receive your e-mail. On social media, the story is different, and there’s really no way of making sure that you have reached the exact audience you were targeting. Unless you pay premium marketing fees, what you share on social media gets promoted randomly.

3.  More conversions

The person you reached out to, especially in the case of B2B communication, is more likely to check his/her email then social media profile. Email marketing is also better at conversions compared to social media, according to several studies.

Most small business owners that have been able to capture email credentials of customers compared to their social media profiles have fared well in the long-run.

These are some of the reasons why you should start utilizing the power of your email address and chill out a little on the social media overkill.

This featured post was brought to you by Jenna Smith.


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