10 Ways to Create a Unique Marketing Campaign for the Web

When it comes to modern marketing, the web is a major part of business success. However, with every business turning to the web to expand their brand or promote their latest offerings, it is more important than ever to stand out from the pack. These 10 tips and strategies offer ways to create a unique marketing campaign that viewers will not forget.

1. Leverage the Power of Video

As Internet speeds and device capabilities continue to increase, video is increasing in popularity across the Internet. Best of all, what once required a significant investment can be performed using affordable cameras and free software. Whether you are posting videos on YouTube or creating landing pages as part of your sales funnel, video offers big results.

2. Create an Experience

Creating a powerful marketing experience is not just about communicating value or quality. Creating an experience, by tying in thoughts and emotions, will help to make your marketing memorable. Instead of offering products and services, offer solutions to the problems in life. Connect with your audience, address their needs and save the day. Next time that they encounter an issue, your business will be first in line.

3. Get Interactive

Adding social media and other communication elements to your marketing campaign allows your brand to interact with your audience. This starts conversation and provides a deeper look into your business.

4. Explore Other Platforms

It seems that every month there is a new social media platform. Each network offers new opportunities to dominate a market. Lowes recently showed the power of harnessing new platforms with their Fix In Six series.

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5. Create Web-specific Logos and Branding

Many businesses make the mistake of failing to optimize their logo and other branding aspects for display on the web. From simplifying your logo to improving appearance at mobile display sizes, optimizing your web marketing for display on a variety of devices is essential.

6. Use Mobile Technologies to Improve Reach

From geo-location powered offers to SMS marketing, adding mobile to your web marketing efforts is a great way to boost performance and keep your brand in the minds of your audience.

7. Get Your Audience Involved

From taking pictures with your products to sharing on social media, finding a way to integrate your audience into your marketing and getting them to help spread the message will boost effectiveness and improve brand recognition.

8. Tie Your Web Marketing into Online Sweepstakes

Everyone likes a chance to win something. The scale can range from promotional items to vacations; the key is to incorporate your brand and business in as many ways as possible.

9.Be Different

Though the demographics are expanding quickly, the web provides access to some of the youngest demographics available. With a connected lifestyle, it is important to stand out. Be bold, use humor or other tools to differentiate your marketing efforts. A great example of this is Dollar Shave Club. By pushing boundaries, their web marketing went viral.

10. Get Specific

When it comes to web marketing, it is important to optimize your marketing. As affordability of web marketing increases, it becomes increasingly important to segment, test and optimize your efforts. A well-polished marketing campaign is a successful one.

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From viral videos to interactive web sites, web marketing offers limitless ways to promote your business. These 10 tips and strategies offer ways to help your business stand out within your market for improved results.

Willie Pena is a freelance writer, video producer, visual artist, and music producer. He prefers the Oxford comma. In addition to writing for firms such as IBM, Colgate, Transunion, Webroot and a multitude of private clients and websites, including Optiva Signs. He also shoots, directs, and edits the hit celebrity web series “Teens Wanna Know”. Catch his rare blog posts on, and connect with him on Google+, LinkedIn.


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