World’s First Decision Management Application Aims to Transform How Corporations Conduct Meetings, Track the Results and Learn from Decisions

Hexigo, the pioneer in decision-management software, has released a new platform that allows organizations to raise, discuss and make key decisions. Designed with large enterprises in mind, Hexigo brings an end to long meetings that have no actionable or measurable outcome while including all the key stakeholders. The platform ensures accountability, visibility, logic and analytics on decisions, providing companies with a history of decisions that can keep a project on task, educate new employees and guide strategic planning. Hexigo ensures that corporate collaboration actually leads to a tangible result or outcome

“After years of developing IT solutions for large enterprises, we began to realize that technology had failed to improve the decision-making process within organizations,” said James Cattermole, founder and CEO of Hexigo. “Companies had project management, file management and even social media management systems, but a dedicated decision management platform did not exist.”

The founder of JadeLynx, a full service IT company, Cattermole brought his veteran development team into the creation of the first decision-management platform. After launching a beta site in February 2013, Hexigo quickly gained traction among local firms, multinational corporations and government agencies in Australia that now use the platform to manage regional budgeting decisions, global IT optimization, sales planning and other revenue-driving choices. Hexigo’s clientele includes the Oceania branch of one of America’s top ten largest private companies, as ranked by Forbes.

Hexigo is based on a clear premise: if the right people can raise, discuss, approve and see through key decisions on an ad hoc basis, organizations can be more productive.

“I’ve sat in meetings where everyone gets so excited, but nothing happens afterwards,” said Cattermole. “Great decisions are the lifeblood of an organization, but decision making has always been scattered across meetings, phone calls, emails and instant messages. Hexigo puts a stake in the ground so that decision can’t vanish.”

On Hexigo’s cloud platform, available from desktop and mobile devices, users can create a decision, invite key stakeholders to weigh in and share data and documentation needed to reach a sound conclusion. Users can read the conversation, post their thoughts and agree or disagree with opinions. After sufficient discussion, a designated individual may approve a decision. Thus, the platform centralizes both the discussion and history of the decision in one accessible place.

For organizations that are large or geographically expansive, Hexigo provides a secure reservoir of institutional knowledge. In an age of high turnover and frequent job hopping, Hexigo can serve as a library where new executives, managers and trainees can study the success and failures of their organization.

“Our only real competitor is corporate culture,” said Cattermole. “Hexigo is about changing a culture of inaction into one of initiative. We believe that when leaders and employees are invited to participate in the decision process and understand the rationale behind the strategies, they will be more motivated to take action. With Hexigo, we know organizations can bring appropriate levels of transparency and collaboration to meetings and decisions. We know they can be more innovative when talking leads to a finalized action plan.”

With offices now in Australia and the California Bay Area, Hexigo aims to bring enlightened decision-making processes to the world’s most influential organizations.

To learn more about Hexigo, visit www.hexigo.com

About Hexigo

Hexigo is a cloud-based decision management platform that improves business productivity. It drives teams to collaborate, commit to a course of action and make fast and informed decisions – wherever they are located. Hexigo enables discussion, voting and approval, and as a decision repository, it lets organizations track and analyze the success of decisions and the records of individual decision-makers.  Hexigo was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2013.


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