Introducing Koality: Lightning-Fast Code Testing Ends Bottlenecks, Increases Productivity For Development Teams

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Introducing Koality: Lightning-Fast Code Testing Ends Bottlenecks, Increases Productivity For Development Teams

Debuting at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013, Koality’s 2x-64x Parallelization Allows Engineers to Test Pre-Push; Productivity Gains of 20% or More Possible

Koality (pronounced “quality”) today announced the launch of its flagship software testing platform on the Startup Battlefield of TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 at the San Francisco Design Center. Created by a team of former Palantir Technologies developers, Koality allows software engineers to test their code in a production-like environment before it’s distributed to the repository and shared with others—an innovation that allows development organizations to achieve productivity gains of 20% or more by working smarter and avoiding costly production delays.

Using cloud-based parallelization, Koality is able to increase test speeds by up to 64 times, making it practical for pre-push testing. The platform can be deployed completely behind the engineering team’s firewall for maximum security and protection against hacking. With Koality, bad code is never shared—and development projects stay on track. Koality solves the key problems that plague development organizations—broken builds, mismatching test environments, and slow tests. Virtual machines, assembled automatically by Koality, simulate the production environment to ensure accurate testing—and because tests are distributed to machines using dynamic scaling, entire test suites can run in minutes.

“Koality removes distractions and disruptions from a developer’s workflow. This improves output at the engineering level, which has an amazing impact across an entire organization,” said Jonathan Chu, chief executive officer of Koality. “It’s like instantly adding more engineers to the team without having to find, interview, and train them.”

High-Value Opportunity
Koality is the result of the real-world experiences that founders Jordan Potter,
Brian Bland and Chu had as employees of Palantir, a large computer software
company specializing in Big Data analytics. While at Palantir, the trio observed how
major inefficiencies exist in most development projects. Because bad code is
typically uncovered only after it’s distributed, the resulting delays can trickle down
and negatively impact the entire product development timeline.

Seeing an opportunity for a high-value product, the Koality team approached
Peter Thiel, Palantir’s Chairman and a co-founder/former CEO at PayPal. Thiel
made an initial investment through his fund, FF Angel, to finance a beta product;
later, the team attracted additional start-up funding from the Webb Investment
Network, Index Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Ray Tonsing, Uj Ventures, and a number
of angel investors.

“We've received a great response from both investors and customers,” noted
Potter. “Koality is being used successfully by companies like Asana, HouseTrip, and
One Kings Lane. It's been clear from the beginning we were solving a real problem
for real companies.”

Flexibility and Security

Koality offers an unequaled level of configuration and flexibility for such a powerful, dynamic-scaling testing tool. The platform operates as a Git/Mercurial proxy, enabling users to push and pull code just as they would from the main repository.

Even the most security-conscious users can be confident in Koality’s high level of protection. Its behind-the-firewall internal and EC2 deployment, compatibility with Virtual Private Neworks, and complete administrative privilege control makes it the perfect solution for growth and enterprise companies, while still allowing startups
to leverage the platform.

Beta Trial
Koality is currently accepting requests for a free trial of its platform, now in Beta. To learn more or to get started with Koality, visit

About Koality:
Koality eliminates many of the most consequential problems plaguing the software engineering process. Using cloudbased parallelism, the company’s flagship product increases code testing by 2x to 64—fast enough to complete test suites at pre-push. With Koality, error-free code is distributed to repositories, security is maintained, development schedules stay on track, and productivity is increased by 20% or more. Founded by former Palantir Technologies engineers, San Francisco-based Koality is funded by the Webb Investment Network, Index Ventures, Felicis Ventures and others. Visit



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