Think It's Too Early to Prepare Your Business for The Holidays? Think Again

Each and every year more and more shoppers begin their holiday shopping earlier and earlier every year. Why? Because consumers know that they can benefit from great deals throughout the year, even during the early fall. Last year the National Retail Federation estimated that there would be a 4.1% increase in holiday sales while expected a 12% increase.  The holiday season is when retailers generate the most earnings sometimes as much as 20-40% of total annual sales.

Most business owners may not advertise and promote their deals this early, they are starting to make plans. That's why Capital One Spark Business – an advocate for small business owners everywhere – created a list of quick tips business owners can follow to prepare to make the most out of the holiday season even though it's the fall.

  1. Focus on the Experience:  It’s the holiday season – capitalize on that!  Enhance and personalize the in-store experience and tailor it to get customers into the holiday mood early.  Offer customers something they can’t get online: the holiday ambiance, in-store discounts and free giveaways.
  2. Communicate Big Sales All Season Long: High percentage sales aren’t just for Black Friday anymore – make sure your marketing efforts show that your business offers great deals all season long.
  3. Reward Loyalty: Offer customers an incentive to do ALL their holiday shopping at your store. Small businesses have the ability to make more personal connections with customers, so reward those loyal customers with an invite-only holiday shopping event, special gift or coupon with purchase, or after hours services – it may make them even more likely support your business.


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