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After 20 Years of Services I-CARE, Inc. ® Opens a Health and Wellness Center in Fairfax, Virginia

I-CARE, Inc. ® is proud to announce the opening of their Health & WellnessCenter and new website, In addition to nursing, personal care assistance and physical therapy that the Home Care Center provides, the Health & WellnessCenter will provide the following services: physical therapy, fitness instruction and personal training, massage therapy, nail care, and support “Care Groups”. This comprehensive facility has been opened in Fairfax, VA and focuses on assisting and encouraging participants to take on a healthy change in their lifestyle to ensure a new and improved quality of life. At the forefront, I-CARE, seeks to empower individuals to become independent so they may maintain a healthy lifestyle on their own. The Health & WellnessCenter has a mission of empowering participants of all ages to take an active role in their life and be responsible for their decisions in order to influence and improve their health.

After 20 years of service, I-CARE, Inc. ® celebrates the opening of their Health & WellnessCenter focusing on preventative care. Prevention is sometimes forgotten or ignored in the medical arena. This is the pro-active solution instead of just reacting to the problem!  The services provided by the Health & WellnessCenter are done so by trained and experienced professionals. Services include physical therapy, fitness instruction and personal training, massage therapy, nail care, and support “Care Groups”. I-CAREHealth & WellnessCenter encourages empowerment, prevention, and awareness in order to live a great and healthy life.

Ashley Ivey, the Director of the Health & WellnessCenter seeks to truly empower the community so that individuals will make life-lasting changes to improve their health.

The Health & WellnessCenter has a relaxing, tranquil and encouraging feel. The new website is also meant to help and engage people in a new and healthy lifestyle. For those getting back on their feet or need an extra boost in the understanding of a healthy life, the website is beneficial to everyone. Continuing with the philosophy, the new I-CARE, Inc. ® website has the goal of empowering others, creating awareness and helping to prevent illnesses. The website and blog details what services are provided and upcoming events.

For more information on the services of I-CARE, Inc. ® and hours visit the new website. There you will also find information about the new Health & WellnessCenter.

I-CARE, Inc. ® is located at 10503-A Braddock Rd. Fairfax, VA 22032. The phone number to the center is 703-865-5893.


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