New Universal Window Blinds – Fits Any Frame and Keeps Walls Damage-Free

How a typical afternoon in an off-campus apartment sparked an idea that will forever change the blinds and shades industry – introducing AXIS Blinds.

AXIS Blinds is designed with the renter in mind, it eliminates the process of taking measurements, is adjustable in size, portable for re-installation, affordable, and most importantly, requiring no drills, screws or nails – perfectly engineered for damage-free walls. It has been receiving significantly positive reactions on Kickstarter, a crowd funding site that has been generating a lot of buzz within the interior design industry. Click here to visit.

AXIS Blinds is a new, patented window blind treatment that can adjust itself to fit any frame without the fuss and difficulty of figuring out dimensions. Great for condos and lofts since there is no one standard window size. The concept stems from the double-edged notion where A) the landlord refuses to have any holes in the walls and B) every living space requires window blinds. AXIS Blinds solves this issue by designing a Tension Bar – similar to a curtain rod – that creates pressure when extended, eliminating the need for drilling or nails. A built-in latch then secures the blind into place, reducing the installation time while also allowing the possibility of re-installation to any other window.

The AXIS Blind comes in two sizes, the Small which extends from 22” to 42” weighing 3lbs., and the Large which extends from 40” to 75” weighing 5.5lbs. Its blackout fabric is made out of 100% polyester with an acrylic coated backside, providing complete privacy. This entire unit also has a very high quality finish, appealing to buyers who prefer the simplistic and sleek design.

The installation process is very simple:
1. You place the AXIS Blind against the corner of the window frame
2. Roll out the fabric to its full length
3. Extend the case to the full width of the window
4. And simply flip the latch found at the bottom of the blind

That’s it.

Although renters were in mind when the idea brewed, it is also perfect for students (dorm rooms or off-campus housing), business owners (who need to install multiple windows for each floor), and home stagers (no drilling needed and DIY concept). AXIS Blinds comes in four different fabric colors alongside two complementary casing colors, to complete any look to any room.

Be the first to own AXIS Blinds in your home and show support. It is only available through Kickstarter.com, so order yours today. Click here.

For any questions, suggestions or recommendations, please contact Trung Pham at trung(at)axisblinds(dot)com or Angela Luong at angela(at)axisblinds(dot)com.


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