Vizibility Launches Licensing Program for Its Portfolio of Patents and Technology Related to Online Reputation Management and Search

Reputation.com Licenses Patent for the “Google Me” Button From
Vizibility and Acquires Vizibility's Patent to Detect Changes in Search Results

CRANFORD, N.J. – February 11, 2014 – Vizibility, the division of engraving and printing leader ALL-STATE International, announced today that its patent portfolio related to online reputation management (ORM) is now available for licensing. Vizibility, an early provider of innovative ORM solutions to professionals, has been awarded seven patents since 2009.

In conjunction with the new intellectual property licensing program, Vizibility is also announcing today that Reputation.com, the world's leading provider of online reputation products and services, has purchased a license for the use of the patented technology behind Vizibility's “Google Me” button. The “Google Me” button allows users to embed a link that leads to curated Google search results, enhancing users' ability to manage their online reputation and make a great first impression. Reputation.com has also acquired from Vizibility U.S. Pat. 8,290,941 for the system and method for detecting changes within search results, a common feature of most ORM services.

“We're a Silicon Valley company that embraces hard tech and believes in the value that's created from exclusive innovations and intellectual property,” said Michael Fertik, founder and CEO of Reputation.com. “Patents for intellectual property signify that a start-up is building a sustainable, competitive advantage in the marketplace.” Reputation.com has 11 patents with over two dozen more in process.

Vizibility's entire patent portfolio can be reviewed online at http://patents.vizibility.com. The following five patents are available for licensing. Pricing and terms are tailored to the needs of the licensee.

*       Selection and Sharing of Verified Search Results (US Pat 8,095,534): Easily select, rank and share specific search engine results about anything. Get notified whenever someone accesses the verified results.

*       System and Method for Quantifying Visibility within Search Engines (US Pat 8,280,879): Identifies the volume and quality of search results from a broad search query which are actually about a specific person or company.

*       System and Method for Searching, Formulating, Distributing and Monitoring Usage of Predefined Internet Search Queries (US Pat 7,831,609): Create, share and monitor the usage of pre-built, curated searches for people, organizations, etc. under a one-click “Google Me” button.

*       Systems and Method of Identifying and Managing Abusive Requests (US Pat 8,271,650): Algorithms for determining when individuals should be notified that they have been “Googled”.

*       Systems and Methods of Handling Internet Spiders (US Pat 7,987,173): Algorithms for efficient spider detection (where other methods cannot be used effectively) with the purpose, in part, of providing accurate notifications when individuals have been “Googled” by a person vs. machine.

Reputation.com also acquired US Pat 8,290,941 for the System and Method for Detecting Changes within Search Results. This patent covers the notification of an entity whenever their search results change, including details of how the results changed such as their results ranking, new results and deleted results. Reputation.com granted Vizibility a license back to this patent as part of the patent acquisition so any companies reselling Vizibility under co-branded or white label editions can continue to take advantage of this functionality without impact.

“Vizibility's services have expanded beyond traditional online reputation management so we're excited to be able to offer this portfolio of intellectual property to other companies which may value it,” said James Alexander, founder and Division President of Vizibility. “As the co-founder of the first social media monitoring service in 1994 (called eWatch which was later acquired by PR Newswire), Vizibility's intellectual property was developed by people with nearly two decades of first-mover experience in the field of online reputation management.”

To learn more about opportunities to license Vizibility's patent portfolio, or obtain a white label edition for reselling, please contact Vizibility at 1-866-380-3400 x110.

About Reputation.com

Reputation.com was founded in 2006 to give individuals and businesses the power to control their digital privacy and reputation.  The company continues to pioneer patented solutions that safeguard and remove personal data from the Internet, monitor and respond to online reviews, build a positive and accurate Web presence for clients, and help businesses proactively engage customers.

Reputation.com is a World Economic Forum Global Growth Company and multiple award winner, including the recent Silver for the Best in Biz Awards for “Most Customer Friendly Company” in 2012.  It is funded by top-tier venture capital firms and has customers in 100 countries.  Follow Reputation.com on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Vizibility LLC
Vizibility, a division of ALL-STATE, delivers the first enterprise class identity management and engagement platform for mobile. Vizibility's highly acclaimed vizCard addresses today's reality that the first impression a company or individual makes is often online, and in many cases on a mobile device. Vizibility enables people to package and share their online presence to make a powerful, accurate and lasting impression.

Since 1946, ALL-STATE LEGAL has been dedicated to helping law firms and other professional service firms manage and grow their businesses through an extensive array of award-winning engraving and printing services for brand management, stationery, and marketing materials.


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