Featured Post: Becoming a Thought Leader: Going beyond the Role of a CEO

The role you’ve taken as a CEO requires commitment to a variable amount of activities:

  • Coordinating and approving marketing campaigns
  • Leading team members toward a common, valuable goal
  • Overseeing the process of hiring talent and expertise
  • Handling much of the daily operations

One item that’s frequently disregarded from this list is the act of learning.

The longer you hold a high ranking position the greater chance you may find yourself trapped within its requirements and expectations. You may feel it impossible to use your time for experimentation and continuous learning because so much is expected (and demanded) from you.

Those that do manage to incorporate learning to their routine may become the thought leaders of their business (and the industry). It is this praise and role that leads a business through vision and tactic.

Becoming a Thought Leader

Taking up the role of a thought leader is no easy feat.

The role is subjective but also earned through actions:

  • Understanding trends and data to provide thoughtful, logical predictions
  • An undying passion for the business and an ability to charm the audience
  • The ability to educate those unrelated to the business and help them “get it”

Consumers and business leaders form a perception of what’s to be expected from a business. You can use this to your advantage when chasing the role of the thought leader.

The shot at thought leader is one often done in the dark.

While everyone believes the industry is going direction A – you state your belief in direction B. If you happen to be correct (hopefully so via research and education) then eyes and ears will shift toward what you have to say and it’s this moment when you may take up the reigns of thought leadership.

Going Beyond the CEO Role

You may be wondering what’s required of you to find yourself in this role of thought leader.

It is true that sometimes it’s a matter of luck by predicting a shift in the industry at the right time but if you know anything about business it’s that you shouldn’t merely rely on a roll of the dice.

Education will become a major factor.

This article opened with the problem of operating as a CEO that found themselves confined by their role. The confines, however, can be abolished through the use of online education.

Accelerated courses provided by online institutions (resource: learn more about Gwynedd Mercy University for a full explanation of this opportunity) will allow you to grow your education and skillset which aids in developing thought leadership without disrupting your current high-ranking position.

Alternatively, it would be very wise to explore the use of a mastermind group. These groups are equivalent to an honors class with the added benefit that other participants hold real positions within the industry which allows them to offer true, actionable suggestions and feedback.

In all – those high in power at a company, such as those in the CEO role, may often feel confined because of the demands and requirements made by their position. One who actively explores and challenges their education will keep their skills at the top of their class. This continual education presents an opportunity to gain the role of a thought leader by predicting new shifts in the industry and delivering upon their inception.

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