Using Your Home Education to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

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Your home is your first school. Your parents are your first teachers. Your socialization begins with your parents. What you learn in these growing up years stays with you forever.

In this post we look at the home lessons of childhood and teenage we should never forget. These are the skills and qualities that will help us face the biggest challenges of life. In our scenario – that would be the challenge of becoming a successful entrepreneur with a disability.

Falling is Only for Trying Again

When you were a child, you did everything with the help of your parents. From walking, cycling, swimming to choosing friends, your parents guided you on everything. But do you remember doing everything right the first time? It was quite the opposite actually.

We fell and failed and thought we would never learn. Some of us were more daring and optimistic, but most of us needed some motivation and encouragement from our parents to get up and try again. But we kept trying and in the end we succeeded.

Being an entrepreneur is just like being that wobbly child who will fall, but only to rise and try again. Not giving up and believing that there is always light at the end of the tunnel is a great entrepreneurial skill to possess.

So go out there and train your mind for falls and failures. Success is only a by-product. It is the determination and effort that will finally define who you are and where you stand as an entrepreneur.

Asking Can Lead to Answers

A disability does not just impair us physically it also deals a blow to our confidence and self-worth. But if you don’t consider your physical disability a stigma or an obstacle on the path to success, it will cease to become one.

Think of all those times you sat with your mother and father and dropped one question after another until they said, “That’s enough for today.” Entrepreneurship is all about asking questions. If you want to taste success in this field you will have to become that bold and curious child again who always asked questions and sought answers.

Though your parents got bored and tired of your questions sometimes, they did answer most of them. Similarly, when you start up a business and enter the market you need to ask your prospective clients what exactly they are looking for.  You need to ask your supplier what he has in store for you and why you should choose him. You need to ask your competitor’s clients and consumers why they prefer his brand.

When you ask questions consistently with a focus and purpose, you start getting and deriving answers. Answers that are keys to your successful career.

Being socially uncomfortable due to your disability is not an option and honestly not even needed. When the world sees the sharp mind seated on that wheelchair, those limp limbs will not get even an iota of attention.

So lesson no. 2- be fearless, have confidence in yourself, and ask what you need. You shall receive.

Discipline Is as Important Now as It Was Then

Brush your teeth, go to sleep by 8, chew your food properly and speak the truth. These principles or habits, whatever you choose to call them, were drilled into me as a kid by my parents. Whether I liked them or not, I had to abide by them and in time they became routine tasks.

That is the thing with discipline. It seems hard in the beginning but soon becomes a habit that reaps rich rewards. As an entrepreneur, you need to exhibit high levels of discipline. Set targets and lay down what you need to do to achieve them. Follow these steps in an organized and disciplined manner.

Now, if you brushed your teeth once a week, would that keep your gums and teeth healthy?  Or would brushing it daily be the right way to keep them in the best of conditions?

Similarly, discipline your mind and exercise it every day to achieve your goals. If you want to be a designer, learn about at least one new designing technique every day.  If you want to be an architect, find out one marvellous piece of architecture every day and learn about the man who created it.  If you want to own a software firm, increase your knowledge of the technology involved and familiarize yourself with the businesses and plans of the leading firms in the field.

Research and analysis have to be a part of your daily routine for them to be effective. You need to approach your goals with discipline, commitment and patience. Only then will you be successful. Like they say, Rome was not built in a day.

Be Competitive but Be Righteous

Finally, the lesson of childhood that will help you the most in becoming a successful entrepreneur and facing your fears and obstacles with your head held high is being righteous. Our parents stress on us doing the right thing.

“Don’t cheat in exams.” “Don’t steal.” “Don’t lie.” “Never harm anybody.”

Most of us remember our parents saying this and most of us did follow it when we were young. We may have slipped at times but we always felt sorry after that. Why do things change when we grow up? Why should things change just because we are disabled?

Adulthood and disability cannot and should not fill us with so much bitterness that we lose our conscience. A good entrepreneur and a good human being knows the value of righteousness and of listening to his conscience.

Sure, you will need to be competitive and generate self-publicity, but for long-term success do it with integrity and honesty. Never cheat your clients or steal trade secrets. Instead, feel inspired and design better things.

Be competitive but be righteous. Malice and deceit can give temporary success but it will be your goodness that will ultimately become your ladder to great and permanent success.

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