Don’t Start Your First Day Without These Gadgets for Your New Office

Ahhh… There's nothing like that new office smell, especially on the first day of a brand new venture. As nice as your new digs are, you are going to need a few things. No, I’m not talking about staplers and paper clips. I’m talking about a few interesting or unique items that really set your new space apart from the rest.

A writer starting a new project needs a fresh, new notebook and pen, assuming she is the kind that rocks it old school. A new job means a new suit. And a new office requires a few new gadgets to remind you that this is something special. These gadgets don’t have to be useful. They just have to be interesting. Before you start your first day, here are a few items you might want to add to the shopping list:

Countertop Water Cooler

Let’s face it; wheeling and dealing is thirsty work. You are dealing with clients, vendors, advertisers, and the occasional telemarketer all day. You need your water to be convenient and amazingly refreshing. Also, when your clients are there in person needing a bit of refreshment, you’re not just going to fill up a cup from the tap. You didn’t go through all that trouble to impress your client, only to insult him with tap water.

The benefits of a good countertop system include:

  • A space-saving design
  • A healthier option
  • A more eco-friendly approach

You are not going to find these coolers at your local Office Depot. For the best variety and range of options, you will need to go online to view countertop water dispensers. Once you figure out what’s available, you can narrow down your choices and take it from there.

USB Typewriter

Remember that old Underwood you learned to type on back in the stone age? The keys had about a half a foot worth of travel. And the noise from that thing made your neighbors reach for the aspirin on more than one occasion. If some part of you mourns the fact that such relics have no place in the brave, new world of iPads and 6” smartphones, I’ve got some exciting news that you’re going to love.

You can keep your iPad and pair it with a USB typewriter. I’m not talking about one of those bluetooth keyboard cases that are so popular. I’m talking about an honest to goodness typewriter. The Underwood is back, and all dressed up for the digital age. With the write adaptor, you can plug it into your iPad and get on with your work as if you had mounted a sheet of paper.

The item is not cheap. But neither are you. It is a functional work of art that will be instantly nostalgic for people of a certain age. No one will fail to be impressed by it even if you never use it to type up a report. But who are we kidding? You are going to use it like it’s 1969.

Standing Desk

It’s official. Even sitting at your desk is bad for you. Sometimes, it feels like we just can’t win. You worked extra hard in school so that you wouldn’t have to labor with your back, only to find out that your desk job is killing you.

The good news is that there are now desks that do not require chairs. They are called standing desks, and are designed to accommodate your work from a standing position. Some can be adjusted with the touch of a button. While others can be raised and lowered with a single finger. Still others are completely manual.

There are as many options and prices as there are for the traditional sit-down variety. Once again, anyone entering your office will be instantly impressed, and you will be healthier, that is, until they decide that your five cup of coffee a day habit is bad for you.

The point is to start you new venture with something new and unique that makes your space your own. Somewhere in the spreadsheet, increased morale translates to increased profit.

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