What is the Latest Disruptive Technology for Business Owners?

Technology can be disruptive no matter what sort it is. Entrepreneurs and business owners use technology as another limb these days and even the simplest piece of technology can turn into something magical when it’s in the right hands. Aside from this fact, there are some truly disruptive technologies which come long now and then. They may not always catch on in the mainstream world of the average consumer, but in the business world they may completely revolutionize certain parts. We wanted to know some disruptive technologies which had an impact on the business world, or the world in general for that matter. Below are some inputs from business owners and entrepreneurs on what the latest in disruptive technologies is.

Some of the latest technology which is making an impact on the world of business might not even be new. Some technology might have been around for a while, but is offering businesses some great tools to help get the job done. For Jason Nole or Infule, Evernote makes an impact on how he does business. “Evernote is a game changer for my web development business. We use Evernote and Evernote Web Clipper for numerous facets of web design and development. With Evernote, we're able to create notebooks for each project and notes for each section. What's truly amazing is being able to take photographs of our whiteboard design layouts from our cell phones and automatically add them to the note for a particular project. Then we can write out our notes next to the images to ensure that everything is tied together. Web clipper allows us to save certain aspects of a webpage that we view online and save it for projects that we are working on. It's nice if we are working with a client and they like certain aspects of a website and want us to integrate it on to their site. We can work together in order to create a design or functionality that fits their needs. This is a great tool for my business and most of all, it's free.”

Google has been making a big impact on business since birth it seems. With so many arms, Google also offers specialized products which give businesses an edge. Jim Fuhs of Jaxpulse Enterprises commends one branch of the Google brand in particular. “In my opinion, the latest disruptive technology for business owners is Google+ Hangouts on Air. By using the Hangout on Air Process, you are creating a You Tube video that you can share with others later for viewing. This allows for recording of interviews, classes, etc and the disruptor is the cost, free. Now it is not necessarily a need to use platforms such as Webex, GoTo Meeting, etc and pay for using them when you can get many more features by using the Google+ Hangouts features. These include screen sharing, the ability to take over a person's computer with permission, multiple people being in the video. The possibilities are endless and really come down to the creativity of the user. As a business consultant, this is completely changing how I can approach potential and current customers and I am very excited about the possibilities. This is also something that works on laptops, tablets, and phones so you can be mobile in the use of this application.”

Disruptive technology often has the ability to be easily controlled. For Eric Fischgrund of FischTank, Zoomph fits the profile. “Zoomph recently launched Zoomph Cast, which fuses ChromeCast with the Zoomph platform proving real-time, customized display marketing, all from your mobile device. Picture “Ashley's Bar and Pizzeria” with a TV in the window showing photos of the food and social media commentary about it. Looks good, so you walk inside, and see the game is on at the bar, with the left side of the screen consisting of everyone rooting for (or against) the local team. There's another TV next to that, streaming selfies from the dance floor. The dance floor has a large monitor broadcasting polling people on what song to play next. Somewhere, you are coordinating all of this – from a small device in your pocket – Zoomph Cast.”

Technology plays a huge role in the world of business. Disruptive technology can come in many different forms and can have an impact on even the smallest parts of business. What truly matters is what entrepreneurs and business owners can do with such technology. Even the greatest piece of technology is useless if nobody wants to put it into play.

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  1. Ashley great article, one amendment to Eric’s quote, Zoomphcast is now a part of the Zoomph Social Media Manager app. Which is available in the iOS app store and Google Play store. Thanks for including us!

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