7 Simple Tasks That Will Improve Your Productivity at Work

If everyone in the world was able to work at their maximum ability then each country would be so developed to an unimaginable point. Smartphones would have been in use some time the 1900s and not arriving just today. Internet would have been present long before that as well. Sadly, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts the whole world would have a merry Christmas, right? Productivity is of great importance not only in business but also for an individual. You should be as productive as you possibly can so that you get to meet all your goals in life.

One of the main challenges to productivity is organization. Very few people are able to organize themselves so that they are able to achieve many tasks at the same time. There are excuses being given that men are not capable of multitasking. While this might be true, there are men who are capable of advanced multitasking. Women claim that there are no opportunities for women to achieve what they want. Luckily governments across the globe are working hard to give gender balance an opportunity. This is probably going to improve the productivity of countries. However, for individual productivity, you will have to plan yourself.

What exactly is productivity?

Before giving you some tips on how you can improve your productivity at work it is important to explain what this simple yet very complex term is all about. Basically productivity refers to efficiency. It means that you are able to achieve a lot more within a shorter period of time and with fewer resources. The increasing workplace demands have necessitated the increase in efficiency in the work place. As aforementioned, to improve productivity, you will have to do a serious amount of planning. If you fail to do this then most probably you are not going to achieve what you want or worse yet suffer burn out.

What should you focus upon?

Generally, if you would like to achieve the most out of each day then you will need to place a lot of focus on three areas of your life. These are: time, space and mindset. Management of time is of great importance to your productivity. Time gets wasted unexpectedly and typically on tasks that are not important at all. For instance, you are working on finishing the dishwashing activity that you are engaging but then a text pops into your phone. You will be tempted to read it regardless of how unimportant it is.

Space is not about the extraterrestrial world but rather your environment. Where are you working from- an office or the couch in front of your TV? While workspace might not be a guarantee for high productivity it is nonetheless a very important element for boosting your work. You will need to get the right tools that will help you in the job. This means everything from hardware to software. For instance a contractor will find something like the Job Progress contractor software to come in really handy. It helps in organizing work and tracking its progress. It is one of the many software programs available for task organization. Finally, mindset refers to wrapping your concentration and attention on the task at hand.

Enhance your productivity

Here are tips that will help you to boost your productivity. Each of the tips is related to at least one of the aspects of your life that has been mentioned above.

  1. Have personal time to start off your day

Start out your days with some structured ‘me time’. This is the time when you check your email, reply to texts on Whatsapp and other social media platforms. It is during this time that you will be able to figure out the big tasks that you want to engage yourself in. Slot in some few breaks during the day where you get to relax your mind. If possible you can take a power nap- 20 minutes tops during your lunch break.

  1. Reduce all meeting times

You can get that meeting done in less than 25 percent of the time you had slotted for it. However, this depends on who is attending the meeting- if it is a meeting of ten people it is bound to run longer than a meeting of two people.

  1. Work away from work

Is it possible for you to work from home, then you should do it. Some time the absence of office interruptions is all you need to improve your concentration as you complete those reports and go through documents. When you work from home or that library that is nearer your home than the office then you get shorter commuting time, fewer sick days and shorter lunch breaks.

  1. Disable popup notifications on mobile devices and your desktop

Temptation is a real struggle for many people. People want to check their phones every moment it rings. Do not let interruption from applications lower you concentration with pointless popup messages. You could either put your phone on silent mode or voicemail.

  1. Use checklists for tasks that you engage in daily

If you are one of those people who tend to forget things fast then you should create a checklist that you will be using. Those repetitive tasks in your office will always be completed even when you are exhausted and working under a tight deadline.

  1. Chunk problems

One reason people procrastinate tasks is because they try to tackle them as big as they are. Reducing tasks into smaller will make it possible for you to tackle them with more effectiveness. It also lowers the probability of mental exhaustion that you are bound to suffer.

  1. Converse do not text

When you use email and text you will suffer the start-stop kind of working. You will work a few moments then the email pops up. Instead of this, make a phone call or walk over to your colleague’s office and get the issue over and done with. It is faster and allows you to get back to your work once and for all.

Jack Davidson is a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur running a construction business. Ever since he discovered the Job Progress contractor software he has had an easier time organizing his work.

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